• Bridal Party Departure

    I was ten when Daddy put me on a train to Ambala. Alone and unsupervised for the first time, feeling quite grown up, I hope I am hiding my fears. Daddy sent a telegram to his older brother, Har Narain saying, “Sunita is coming–please receive.” An immediate response comes back, “Who is Sunita?” I am ...
  • Rakhi celebration in Hamilton

    The visit to Ottawa ended. Nothing had been resolved. It was clear Sudhir needed to continue under supervised care, and he was sick of it. As he put it, I am wasting here. Returning to the airport, I stopped to say goodbye. I walked upstairs to check out his room. We uttered words of getting ...
  • Image of a dimly lit museum showcases

    The house had aged from the time he’d packed his bags. Simon felt his presence in the home leaving before he physically did. College started the following week. He looked around his bedroom. It had changed little since he had moved in five years ago. Faded to a dusty pink, the red wallpaper revealed only ...
  • Sudhir on his Rajdoot mobike i965

    In the hushed, soft-lit room, Sudhir lies in a pine coffin draped with a white cloth. Munna, my younger sister, and I arrange white gladiolas on either end with peace lilies along the length. Deep red roses lie in the middle. Mummy enters with Juji (my youngest sister). The priest prepares the thali for the ...
  • piano keys with a page of sheet music sitting on top

    Christmas music is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I have a strong emotional reaction to music. Lyrics speak to me in ways nothing else can. So, it is no surprise Mark Schultz singing “Different Kind of Christmas” opens the floodgates of my emotions every time I listen to it. It is ...
  • pecan pie

    They’re the first things I see on the table, and I have to do a check to make sure I’m not seeing things. People are talking around me, but it all gets drowned out. I didn’t know anyone else ever made these. My eyes begin to well with tears I didn’t know I still had. How could ...
  • A bride holding a bouquet

    It’s a joyful day These amazing hours encapsulated within the sun’s naptime and waking In this moment the realities of my dreams  Flow freely from my lips like a binding spell In a gathering honored by well-wishers I gladly say I do
  • Jason & Kris enjoying Dad's new hammock

    Even though Millie has ceased to be a daily presence, her passing leaves a painful emptiness. John and I feel the absence of her voice, wit, and her “good morning” to the cat, Toot. I puzzle over her occasional “Guess what baby boy did today” is doing cart-wheels in my head. Like a jigsaw puzzle, ...
  • december relaxing

    days start to feel longerexcitement slowly buildingChristmas holidays lurk on the horizonenjoying the sharing of joymaking families happy bearing gifts and loveearning smiles each timerepeating every year
  • The Lodwig Gravestone

    Previously, I had stated, “And thus ended the year 1991 Anno Domini.” Not entirely, though! The year 1991 is also the year Millie leaves us. Millie and John have a minor argument, and invariably, it gets blown out of proportion. Things are tense for a few days, and Millie needs a break. Two of her ...