• doll with broken face

    I want to thank you for everything. I should say thank you, shouldn’t I? Without you, I would never have learned how to overlook so much. You taught me a lot. Don’t rely on others – they won’t be there in the end. Only let people close enough to feel like they know me, but don’t ...
  • Lavender in the Sunshine

    Luscious and Edelyn have been studying magic for years. They came into their powers in their early teens as their mother did. They still missed her every day. She had died giving birth to Edelyn when they were in Ireland. James, their stepdad, was struggling with raising magical children. He loved Melanie with every cell ...
  • Crowds at a Train

    I’m sure people are tired of hearing folks say, “Well Back in My day”. I remember times when the village was accountable for its people. No matter who walked into it, they took responsibility for them. What happened to the village? Why do people walk by and watch atrocities happen but do nothing? Next, they ...
  • Young girl. Childhood, springtime

    There was a little girl. She had long curly brown hair and big glasses. She was small and tripped over her hair as she entered the large crystal door of the ballroom. I snickered at her and received a menacing glare from my grandfather. “She will be your queen one day, Ariadne. Show some respect.” ...
  • Samoyed/Wolf Cross

    In August, Mom and Dad packed our suitcases and loaded them into the trunk while my brother and I climbed into the backseat. We adjusted our pillows and organized our games in an attempt to get comfortable. It was a long trip from Calgary, Alberta to my Uncle’s farm outside Hodgeville, Saskatchewan, Canada. I loved my ...
  • Man shhing camera

    The subtle and mysterious art of shutting up is often overlooked. People have a tendency to share, myself included. We like to share in our joys and pains, but we also want confirmation and acceptance. It is because of this acceptance we often give people more power than they should be granted. Recently I was ...
  • Kids Playing

    No more school. No more books. Kids are home with cheery looks. I feel sick, I’ve done my best. This time of year, I do detest Summer’s here time for fun. “Hey Mom, where’s my water gun!” Vacation days, heat waves, Air conditioner on all day Bills run high, tempers fly. School come back take ...
  • Chains, kidnapped

    Read Part One: Flashbacks harrowed through her mind, inescapable. She lay in bed, feeling weighed down, unable to move. She remembered the first memory she had of being with him. “I know you’re probably scared. I would be too if someone had just taken me someplace I was unfamiliar with.” Dave said. “Don’t worry Eva. ...
  • 57

    “Lily, slow down!” Lily didn’t want to wait for Mommy. After three days of rain, Mommy finally said it was time visit Daddy. So, Lily kept running, she knew the way. She stopped mid-run, spread her arms wide, and looked up toward the bright blue sky, squinting from the sun that was no longer blocked ...
  • Couple on a boat on the ocean

    In a previous article, Life Doesn’t Just Have to Happen, I discussed how we should be living the life we want instead of allowing life to happen to us. I mentioned changing your mindset, but I didn’t explain what that meant.  Choosing to change your mindset is difficult at first. It takes a conscious effort ...