• Other mother

    Are you my other mother?Among the manyHeavensent for fatherTo feel whole again? The fire rages onIn his soul,In spite of hisLonely heart. I am my father’sDaughter, aSpitting imageWithin his pride. Born small and meek,Now strong and brave,Among the savannahPlains of the wild. A concrete jungle,Caged soulsFollowing myFather’s footsteps. A lone lionDesiring love,In a game whereWinner ...
  • father and daughter

    With or without youNow I am faced Abundant emptinessLoss of my faith How can I continueLive as it’s normal Your presence awayMy spirit before you The first of manyYou’ll always remain The memories, flashbacksDrive me insane How does one comeTo terms with a loss A child was hereThen next she was gone My life will ...