• Other mother

    Are you my other mother?Among the manyHeavensent for fatherTo feel whole again? The fire rages onIn his soul,In spite of hisLonely heart. I am my father’sDaughter, aSpitting imageWithin his pride. Born small and meek,Now strong and brave,Among the savannahPlains of the wild. A concrete jungle,Caged soulsFollowing myFather’s footsteps. A lone lionDesiring love,In a game whereWinner ...
  • father and daughter

    With or without youNow I am faced Abundant emptinessLoss of my faith How can I continueLive as it’s normal Your presence awayMy spirit before you The first of manyYou’ll always remain The memories, flashbacksDrive me insane How does one comeTo terms with a loss A child was hereThen next she was gone My life will ...
  • Baby and Parent Holding Hands

    Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Thank you for all you have done. If there was an award for the best father ever Then I’m sure you would have won.   You’ve always encouraged me with my writing, And took an interest in the crazy stories I created, In fact, I would have never shared my writing ...