• An empty hallway with large windows on the parallel walls.

    I know the patterns that gracefully line the ceiling. I know the number of rectangles that align so perfectly. Because, while I lay in utter silence, My mind struggles to communicate with me. She fears I may drift too far to return  If I spend one more minute lost in emptiness.
  • The image shows a bird flying between bare branches

    I stepped into the fringe of winterwhere ancient deciduous treeslooked prosaic and timewornwithout their tessellated leaves however, between the bare boughsthe birds continued to boundfrom branch to branch resilient to nature’s seasonal changes come rain or shine, May, or Decemberthe birds warbled their perennial tunes
  • A firework display in the shape of a heart

    Dadum Dadum… that’s the sound of our synchronized heartbeats That’s the only sound we need to hear for now, my love Let our hearts shut out the noise of a troublesome day And let it soothe our love-struck souls, at least for today.
  • A black and white image of a boy with shaggy hair and glasses. His eye-brows are arched and he's gazing intently at the camera and half-smiling.

    He’s ten years old so: He knows everything, Aliens are real and Bigfoot is not, But to life outside of video games He applies no hard-won lessons. He hears only half of what is said If he isn’t wearing headphones And stomps everywhere he goes With feet too big for his growing body. His dreams ...
  • The image shows dark grey clouds above the distant trees

    Confused after a restless night I could not see daylight The iron sky was a blanket of dark, wavy clouds Dawn was anchored,  impatient and submergedout of sight  How will the future  escape the past?  Humanity needs to redraftthe Book of Soul Searching  Has the sun forsaken  his golden crown?  Terrorized by global warming’s shredded nightgown. Waiting shamefacedfor his foreboding Regicide While ...
  • Apple upon a set of books

    Glazed eyes upon a flimsy piece of paper.The thin, fickle texture telling me mathematical questions.A subject filling my soul with apathy. “Two plus two equals fourjust as two times two,”the teacher’s voice drones onto the uniformed class of glazed eyes. My vacant eyes try to clingto the firm, green chalkboard.And the white figures dancing as ...
  • A lady's eye peeking through a whole in a large leaf

    I’m laying still under the shade of nature’s green curtains The wind caresses me with her gentle touches  It’s as though she’s whispering “slow and steady.” These words journeying to my soul as my lungs take in their air doses a little bit at a time
  • lit candle sitting on a windowsill at night

    Tonight, hold your curtain open I did not know where you are Nor how to reach your distant star Please, leave your light on and drapes ajar  Tonight, I am going to swim across the Milky Way I do not know if the voyage is too far  Or whether the ocean of stars  Will be too turbulent for me  Tonight, my ...
  • a street in the night

    We are gathered together under the bright-lit moon Where soulful art meets grit And emotions find expressions through words
  • The image depicts where a river mouth joins onto the sea.

    Thirsting for freedomThe frantic raindropsFell, right in front of me! Slapping the arid groundFilling the gasping cracksZigzagging their wayDown the sandy creek bedBubbling into the welcoming riverAnd merrily streaming out to sea Now, the raindrops are freeThat was the wildernessThis is their sea