• A piece of deadwood inside an ossuary

    I was a lonely lavender bushWith a pretty fairy-wing flowerNow!I am a rotting piece of deadwood. Last summerMy minder went on a holidayAnd left my hanging-basket homeIt was left to dry up and crumble. After!He dug out my dying rootsAnd tried to resurrect meBeyond redemptionI did not arise again. Now!In my wrinkled nakednessHe ashamedly hides ...
  • Queen of one fine spring day,

    So perfect was this one fine spring day Incandescent rays and the warmth of the sun emote. Blue cloudless sapphire heaven at Noonday Filled up the air with Larks’ sweet dulcet notes. Upon the scaffold, my metal surface gleamed Flashing fiery sparks lit by gentle silver waves. Crimson tears filled tiny crevices carved With each ...
  • American solider

    My American soldier.Head held high,unafraid to fight.Unafraid to die. For thosehe loves in thisblessed country,and for their freedom. Because he believes inthe wordsfreedom, liberty,justice for all. “Why must you go?”I cry, everyteardropa scar on my heart. Every step hetakes, breaks myspirit further, mysoul crys in anguish. Is it selfish to needhim here, even ashis country ...
  • little girl in pink hat standing in field of grass

    It’s a strange worldwe have foundourselves in. America is nowpublic enemynumber one. The patriots areunwelcome andracist. Racism only appliestoward the“white supremacists”. For they are as evil and sinisteras devils right? When will we learn towake up and realizewe’re the same. For we’re connectedand bleed red,white and blue. Have we forgottenwhat it meansto be human? For ...
  • Sour Candy

    I’m a sour patch kid.First sour, then sweet,dancing on taste budsuntil I’m gone. I can be innocent.A slice of heavento make all your dreamscome true. Or I can be cruel.Your match made in hell,a perfect storm wrappedin a tantalizing package. A temptress full of desirebeyond imagination.A heartbreaker to leave you cold and empty. “It’s not ...
  • Heartbroken woman

    I don’t know what to tell youas your tearful eyes,full of hurt and spite,claw deep into my heart. “You’re not the same!”you exclaim,as you turn your backleaving me in the cold. How could I not be the same?did I transform intosome unrecognized monster,without trace of your best friend? I’m a young kindred spiritwho is as ...
  • Maiden

    Heroes are overratedThe type entitledto always save a damsel. As if I, a mere maiden,need liberationfrom anythingoutside desire. I’m no mere maiden,I don’t need liberation,emancipation,or freedom. I’m a woman ofpure carnal youthtrapped insidea fragile beauty. I roam the streetsamong nakedmoonlight, waitingfor something wicked. Yes, I need a wicked,devious, villain.The one to bindme in chains. To ...
  • flowers

    A road not taken wasforty years ago – to trust my motherhear her advicefire the therapistwho honed my resentment against her. If I did, I would have beenIn touch with my brothersmarried youngerhave childrenbe close to my momforty years earlier. Instead, I listened to aa therapist who sharpened thevenom I had against my mother. I ...
  • Desolate landscape

    My mouth is a volcanoMy words destructiveto innocent bystanders. The poison in my wordsAiling and killingeverything around me. If anyone saved me?Before I lose control?It wouldn’t change. I’m a hopeless freak.An unnatural byproduct,cruel and pitiful. Despite my decay,my predestined doom,I must cling to hope. That hope is you,remind me who I am,pull me from my ...
  • Pride flag

    Love is love. Lips upon lips, a sweet honey flavor. Hands are for holding, Fingers laced a lattice of belonging. Of care. Of love. No flesh for flames. No camouflage for the kaleidoscope, No wash of the colors. Because love is the heart of truth, And truth, the heart of love. So flutter the heart ...