• black cat in a fall background

    My name is Shanequia, and I have a story to tell you. You won’t believe me, but I swear on a stack of bibles that every word is true. The day started with cool, crisp temps like any other fall day. Leaves were bursting in maroon, orange, and saffron. Not a cloud in the azure ...
  • Halloween Picture

    Every morning, Ramon stood in front of Mr. Keith’s House on 16 Baker Street. It looked like all the other houses on Baker street, built in the 1950s with dark green trim. Nothing unusual about it at all, except he never liked it. Ramon felt it watching him from those eye-shaped windows. Sometimes Mr. Keith ...
  • haunted mansion

    Halloween is fast approaching, and I am anticipating enjoying all that comes with it. Cool, crisp days. Leaves splashed with orange, red, and yellow colors—bonfires, pumpkins, roasting marshmallows, and Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes. Okay, maybe not the burst of color in leaves as I live in the desert. I will enjoy the cooler temps and ...
  • 523

    To the hotel cleaner, I had gotten tired of staring at this blank screen. I’d started seeing little colorful squiggles under my eyes. I’ve got to stop rubbing my eyes. My eyes are burning now. I would sell my soul to write something steller. As a kid, I dreamed of writing a bestseller, but I’m ...