• tavern sign of two men walking

    George Wickham didn’t come to Ramsgate with the intention of seducing Georgiana Darcy. Fate, however, had other plans, and when the Darcy carriage rolled past him on the street, he followed it all the way to their lodgings like a tom cat returning home to be fed. The following day, he went to scout the ...
  • historical room

    The fire is roaring, but I hardly feel the heat as my body shivers. My skin is hot yet refuses to sweat, indicating a fever has set in. Doctor Jones is being fetched at Mr. Bingley’s insistence, but this gives me little comfort. I am in a stranger’s bed, in a borrowed nightgown, and being ...
  • moon and cloudy night sky

    I am lying on the bedcovers, my white dressing gown glowing in the moonlight spilling from the open window. A slight breeze swirls the curtains and a chill runs down my spine. My chest rises and falls as if I had just run across the lawn of Longbourn. A few moments of silence pass when ...
  • historical drawing of men and women in street

    The carriage comes to a stop along the busy road, and I can see crowds of people through the window. I lift the curtain as I gaze at the front entrance of the Royal Menagerie. Young parties and families blend together to enter as one. The attendant lowers the steps to the carriage, snapping me ...
  • lit candle in a dark room

    Gentle breathing fills the room, with Jane already falling asleep a few hours ago. I, on the other hand am so restless that sleeping feels like an impossibility. My mind whirls with thoughts of Mr. Darcy, of all people. It’s been several weeks since our encounter, yet the image of him is fresh. Part of ...
  • woman standing in front of window

    I sit on the divan next to the picture window and stare down the front gravel drive. I’m not quite sure why I continue to do this every day. Each morning, mama voices her concern over our situation and how the entailment is no issue if I secure an engagement with him. Every time I ...
  • Women Holding hands

    It happened again, like many times. The sheer euphoria of being beside her, the moonlight cascading her bare skin. Her angelic face with a peaceful, serene expression. I brush a strand of auburn hair from her face, careful not to wake her. Her smooth, cream-like appearance radiates in the night. I glance at the alarm ...
  • White owl in flight

    The night Onacona was born, her father saw a white owl in flight, so it became her name. Some Native American tribes regarded owls as unwelcome souls of the night. The seven tribes of the Cherokee people thought otherwise. In the Cherokee creation tale, the animals inhabited the upper world called Galuntai. Their god ordered ...
  • Dawson - New Mexico's Forgotten Town

    In New Mexico, Dawson was once a prosperous and growing town. Now it is a haunted cemetery. The town is gone, and all that is left are residents’ spirits. Witnesses report seeing ghostly figures walking in the cemetery, they disappear when people approach them, and reports of seeing lights bobbling add to the haunted reports. ...
  • Space with transparent structure over it

    Part 1 | Part 2 “Lachesis has a lot of explaining to do,” the dark-haired woman muttered to herself as she stormed the familiar path between the puddles of standing water amongst the darkened trees. Skotádne rubbed the skin around her finger, where she felt the loop of thread connecting her to the other thing ...