• 1101

    My heart weeps silently          for the child                    I once carried My mind paralyzed          with fear of a reoccurrence                    but my body longs                             to be the vessel That carries your          fragile, tiny frame                    supporting you in                             my cracked container You fluttered and          my heart melted                    connecting ...
  • Highway Road

    The long road traveledBrought us many afarAlong the miles aheadSewing us together The long road traveledWounded us as we wentAmong stumbling stonesBruising and crushing our souls For we have strived and toiledUnder the glaring heat of the sunIn the suffocating polluted airIn the murderous hand of man We have seen the disease of fearTurn our ...
  • 1106

    I stood frozen tears filled my eyes as I held my breath watching a black man take his last   numbness covered my entirety what did I just see? was this man really killed in front of me?   His eyes taciturn and vacant his face unflinching and callous his body his only weapon in ...
  • frindship

    Friendship blooms in the rarest places created from the most unusual cases becoming familiar faces   Life’s journey connects us with no push or fuss staying interconnected is a must as we travel our expeditions   Unique we are outstanding and grand amazing we will be no matter our plan
  • 1038

    My Beautiful, American Child –   Which side of the line, will you- get to stand on?   Will you get to speak your mind, perhaps act out –   or nod quietly not to stand out   Will you get to excel with no skills and pure doubt   Or walk cautiously, head down ...