• Wolf howling at moon

    Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?Not me, no way, no sir.Because I am his and he is mine.For I am his soulmate. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?Are you such a delicate and fragile rose?You should be as heis a force to reckon with. He can swallow you wholewith a single gulp,without any ...
  • flowers

    Lilies push gently Against the brown earth’s blanket New life has begun
  • Leaves from a tree and a setting sun

     The leaves Azure and emerald Mother Nature’s Tear droplets of joy Daintily dangle Above sacred ground And faithfully Await baptism By cascading sunshine Thereafter The anointed leaves Eternally replenish Mother Nature’s  Earthly goblet With liquid hues Of azure and emerald 
  • rain drops falling on a window

    Arms stretch upwards in a bid to form a shieldLegs pick up pace in search of saving sheltersShutters clap close to create a damJoyful screams echo from the lips of wet toddlers The rain is hereHer voice is the perfect harmony of baritone thunder and crackling strikesFrom the safety of my bedroom where I sitI ...
  • colorful flowers

    If you ever visit an arboretum, I recommend you set aside a decent amount of hours to explore such a place. Recently, summer has become increasingly noticeable in my part of the United States, and flora in bloom comes with it. The hot temperature and growing humidity cause native plants to flourish, and every space ...
  • Sprouting Seed

    Burying her… alive? But she’s a seed. Bound to sprout. And grow – on you too.
  • Sunflowers on field

    The flowers still stand tall and strongAfter the ghastly stormNot longThey cry, before the bees do swarmAll day they hum the songConform And remain a unified teamWork together they sayAnd beamEnjoy our colourful display Retain us in your dreamsAlways
  • Forlorn branches

    Leaves keep accumulating under trees. Naked branchesgreet me unabashedon my way home. Their canopy touches the skywith delicate extensions, whispering –“being bare indicates strength.” I expose myselfand riselike a naked branch.
  • Nature's peaceful landscape

    In every second there is a moment In every moment there is a heartbeat Within every heartbeat, the next moment lives  Lava comes and goes As our world Continues to flow There is a soft edgeTo every hard stone All the world is greenAlong my soul’s causeway The tree’s rustling voicesAre nature’s welcoming roar
  • Desert horizon at Dawn

    The stolen world of silenceLingers above the cloudy skiesAnd lays below the oceans murky wavesBeyond the reach of humanities deadly violence While the wonder of life dwells in dreamsTo wander on the edges of nature’s endless seamsOf distant horizons and rainbow beams