• Mouse in Christmas Box

    My paws prance upon the hardwood floor. I look around the silent living room, and my nose directs me to a small table where the corpses of half-eaten gingerbread men lie alongside a glass of cold milk. I take nibbles of each spiced cookie so that their bodies don’t go to waste. But, I avoid ...
  • Island Castle

    Kofi arrives at the same sidewalk block heading towards the castle. While thunder quietly rumbles, he pulls Nia the rat out of her carrier when the taxi drives off. Nia happily nuzzles Kofi’s cheek. Nia stops when Kofi’s hand quickly puts her back in her carrier. A taxi arrives and stops on the same sidewalk ...
  • 1118

    In 2012, my grandparents and I flew to Nashville, Tennessee, to see one of my cousins, Austin, graduate high school. I love my family, and the opportunity to share this important experience in my cousin’s life meant a lot to me. The trip home from Nashville was a life-changing one. The flight from Nashville to ...