• A pile of no symbols

    Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get a full-time job with benefits. My parents always encourage me to write full-time instead of pursuing traditional employment opportunities. This is partly because they believe in my talent. They worry about my inability to afford necessary care through regular insurance. However, I know they used insurance from ...
  • It's a drawing of a family and their children playing

    Have you ever thought about the adult the younger version of yourself imagined you would be? I thought I would live in a London flat with my husband and at least a few children. My life isn’t anything similar to what I thought when I was little. Honestly, I was sad about that for a ...
  • https://unsplash.com/photos/O33IVNPb0RI

    I spent weeks writing this short story. Editing and revising it, until it was crisp and polished. My instructor loved it. My peers loved it…hell, even my family loved it. I dig up the courage and I submit it to a magazine that publishes similar stories. Then, I wait with bated breath for three days. ...