• Battleground

    In the wake of dawn, I see them marching along, Their faces grim and sober. Soldiers, each and every one, Those suffering at the hands of fate, In uniforms and tattered clothes. They each carry their cross, Ones they shoulder, For a battle that should never happen. To the right is a blood-dripped sun, Sorrowful ...
  • trees

    Thank you for your drooping branches, Graying at the stems and leaves splaying Between me & a race soldier’s bullet. I never knew what made the wind Break so forcefully – left and unfettered, Swaying the grass in unison like a hard jazz step, Seconds before the next Martyr’s lament Whisked in quarter time to ...
  • 1320

    I stared at my reflection in the crystal double doors that would lead me to a new life. My face was as pale as the freshly fallen snow outside, almost as if the bouquet of red roses I was clutching in my hand was draining my life force to maintain their vibrant color. My brown ...
  • https://pixabay.com/en/memorial-vietnam-wall-remembrance-1497266/

    The half-scale replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall came to Rogers State University last week, brought to Claremore by the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. While hosting the mobile exhibit is an honor for any organization, the Wall has a special place in the heart of Rogers State. From the years 1919 – 1971, Rogers ...