• Island Castle

    Kofi arrives at the same sidewalk block heading towards the castle. While thunder quietly rumbles, he pulls Nia the rat out of her carrier when the taxi drives off. Nia happily nuzzles Kofi’s cheek. Nia stops when Kofi’s hand quickly puts her back in her carrier. A taxi arrives and stops on the same sidewalk ...
  • 707

    The sun’s rays fire heat                                                 All through the southern town                                                 Steam begins to rise                                                 From the heating asphalt ground                                                 The sadistic sun targets Every person on the street To become the victims Of the southern summer heat                                                 Skin burns and flares                                                 While futile sweat beads fall                                                 And ...
  • 1010

    I have seen the skulls Laughing as tears Ran like beads of wax.   Backed up against a cracked mirror, Images of the aurous haired child Stares at me holding a withered Bouquet of violets and dandelions.   Take them small outstretched hands say, The taste of rotting memories Nails its way between us, Our tongues ...
  • Global Warming

    Global warming is a phrase most of us have heard, more so recently. The weather and the environment are changing and scientists have facts to prove a lot of this change is due to global warming. What is the meaning of global warming? Global warming is an increase in the earth’s average atmospheric temperature that ...