• Floating red fluorescent lights with a black background.

    Darkness filled the room with silence, the only sound available to me. My juvenile body felt a heavy weight. The rush of worry was loud and blaring like a fire engine. What could this feeling be? How did it appear out of nowhere? I didn’t have the answers to my questions or the words for ...
  • Snow begins to accumulate on a withering pink rose left to wilt on the bush.

    Doubt starts to grow when the first wind blows through Time occupies the dark plane all alone Left with the thought that there’s nothing to do Doubt starts to grow when the first wind blows through No longer sure of the things one once knew Or what direction to take to get home Doubt starts ...
  • women squatting by tree holding her head in her hands visibly full of anxiety

    Anxiety is a friend of mine. Friend may not be the right word; we have a love/hate relationship. Why? Anxiety is a liar. The constant thread of information filing through my brain is anything but reliable. Since my anxiety is here to stay, it is my job to see the truth and speak logic into ...
  • Leaves in a circle

    Shivering Leaves, forced by the power of the wind, form a circle. Threatened, the need for circle time has never been greater; the need to look into each other’s eyes has not been more real. Holding hands, this empowering moment will last through their lifetimes.
  • A confused individual

    February 1, 2023 at 9 a.m. “Where is my wife Stacey?” asks John. Answer: “Stacey is out shopping. You are spending the day with us.” John: “Oh! Okay then. Where can I park myself?” Answer: “Right here on this chair. We will be starting a fun program singing patriotic songs.” John: “Oh! Okay.” 10:00 a.m. ...
  • Neurons, Brain, nerves

    A New-Path Last week, I started on medication for anxiety and depression. I never imagined I couldn’t handle it on my own. Life has been pretty good, all things considered. People don’t have homes, or access to food, water, or safe housing. Fortunately, I’ve never been without any basic needs. White privilege and two working ...
  • woman laughing

    Walking from my car to the door of the elementary school, I think, “My feet are really cold!” Why, you may ask, are my feet so cold this fall afternoon? The answer—I was wearing my slippers! In my rush to get out the door, changing into shoes slipped my mind. Now there are two choices: ...
  • Woman Writing

    One of the funniest aspects of my writing is I am a perfectionist. The ideal scenario is that a scene will pop into my head, and I can write it down and fix a few grammar errors. Usually, I have a few plot points to piece together, or I have to discover everything that happens ...
  • Alice and the rabbit

    Staying on the run to get everything donePlotting the next chapter when the current has just begun Barely breathing to get near achievingHoping to never lose the magic of believing Yes, it’s a bad habitI hate feeling like Mr. Rabbit I would love to stop racing against the clockBut I really want to be among ...
  • Red Lilies

    Do the selfish greedy fewWatch the innocent dieAnd bleed upon the morning dewDo they inhale the red dustAbove the crumbling homes of trust Has their warring blackboardBeen desecrated by the blood-spattered hordeSacrifice by their beheading swords The white doves of peace are cryingWhile the red lilies of loveLay under broken ground dying