• White Tear

    Constant readjustments to build trust of people who continue to take advantage of us   The tears of their mothers, daughters, grandmothers   can take the lives of our fathers, grandfathers, sons   No chance to defend ourselves, for savages have no say in their impeccable, uncontaminated communities   Our word against their tears, our ...
  • red rose

    calmgentlepassionateangry is this what you see when you look these emotions so full, yet so differentthe world full of thoughts and feelingsevoking the strangeness within can we truly explainthe colors in our livesare they hues or feelingsthat which embeds itself deep when red surrounds you alwaysthe emotions of colorsthat we rarely see
  • white flowers, red flower, color contrast.

    only time would tell us what we need to know the feelings that build up inside of us switching from option to option as it works its way through us. at first, it’s nothing then it grows becomes a monster of its own something all-consuming in the end some say that no one knows what ...