• smiling girl wears a crown

    There are no Govern-mansOnly Éowyn and she is the Queen.Her brother shows her a map,Tells her they live in America,Repeats ‘representative democracy’And other words he’s heard in school.“No we don’t,” she insists.“We live on Earth. And I’m the Queen.”He asks exactly what she is the queen of.“Earth,” her Royal Majesty replies.She’ll be four next monthAnd ...
  • flowers

    Transforms dark moments into lessons, villains into wistful masters. Her memory chases ghosts away and clears spiderwebs in my heart. She enriches my emotional rainbow from despair and rage into peace and equanimity. The joy of walking breathing smiling. My mother’s initials wrap any twist on the road to liberation, a precious gift sharing her ...
  • father and daughter

    With or without youNow I am faced Abundant emptinessLoss of my faith How can I continueLive as it’s normal Your presence awayMy spirit before you The first of manyYou’ll always remain The memories, flashbacksDrive me insane How does one comeTo terms with a loss A child was hereThen next she was gone My life will ...
  • sun, solar, moon

    Mila carried a baby in her arms. The street on which she limped down shrouded in the pitch of night. A cold breeze blew in and attacked her face, fingered her hair. She held the baby tighter to her chest. Cars still being eaten by flames from the inside out cast a weak orange glow ...
  • 1536

    It was plain to hear no conversation could take place without a chaperone   Hushed voices from another adult Stopping sentences half said   Then came, “Please try your call later,” disconnected numbers, no dial tone.   All contact stopped.   Believing now that no happy reunion Filled with tears and so many questions   ...