• Apps that listen.

    Is this thing on? Yes, your mic is on, and it’s listening and learning what you like. I was wondering how all these social media companies could get away with saying “we don’t listen in on you.” When we all clearly have ads from Google and Facebook targeting us for stuff we’ve spoken about but ...
  • Digital Benchmarks, Content, Content Structure, Digital Marketing

    Content is one of the top Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking factors. This guide focuses on the basic content structure and best practices for improved SEO. 1. Keywords A keyword is a particular word or phrase that describes your webpage content. Search engines use keywords within a search algorithm to rank content. Or, simply put, ...
  • Digital Law

    CASL stands for the Canadian Anti-Spam Law. This law was implemented in July 2014 to protect Canadian consumers from over ambitious email marketers spamming our inboxes. Even though the law has been well established for a little over four years, I still hear questions about what it is. When looking up the regulations online, readers are often overwhelmed by text-heavy ...
  • Digital Marketing Strategist, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategy

    What does a Digital Marketing Strategist do? To put it simply, a Digital Strategist is responsible for developing solutions that meet a client’s needs, goals, and brand objectives by using data-driven insight. Trends in current and modern technologies play a significant role in maintaining and discovering the data needed to deploy or adjust effective digital representation. ...
  • Email Marketing

    Email is still considered one of the most effective digital marketing tools around today. Even with all the new fancy chat-bots and social scheduling tools, email leads the way. However, this shouldn’t be news, it naturally makes sense. In the days of traditional marketing, direct post was one of the most effective ways to reach ...
  • Landing Page

    Most websites have multiple products or services to offer, but it’s too wide of a scope to dump people onto your homepage after running a campaign, whether that traffic is from free or paid media. A landing page ends your sales funnel with a bullseye and caters to your visitors with a specific campaign focus. ...
  • SEO

    I’ve written these six basic SEO strategies to be short and sweet. That being said, let’s get at it.   1. Content There are two main aspects in developing great content, quality and quantity. Google scans sites faster and with increased accuracy these days, so jamming keywords on your homepage just won’t cut it anymore. ...
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    Do you Know Your Customer (KYC) before starting a marketing plan? If not, it might be time to take a step back and look at what your customers are asking for. One way to understand how to improve your marketing strategy, or to be sure it’s working, is to build a customer persona for your ...