• large broken mask in a field of green bushes and wildflowers

    Dreaming when I’m wide awakeI let my spirit soarNever knowing what’s at stakeWhen I open that door Seeing things that don’t belongInside the waking worldBut I float upon a songAnd let my mind unfurl I do not know if I’ll reviveFrom this deep fantasyI only know I feel aliveWith things I cannot see So if ...
  • Isolated stony road with trees on either side as a person in the distance.

    The silence was so profound that every step we took echoed. This was why, despite being strangers, Adrianne and I stuck together as long as possible. We were part of the same dance troupe, and with the Soca monarch competition looming, we spent the majority of our time rehearsing. Nevertheless, my opinion of her didn’t ...
  • 946

    My fairytale dreamsI closed my eyesAnd dreamOf a time of Lords and LadiesKnights that fought for honor In my dream I seeA castle upon the hillSurrounded by perilFire breathing dragonWithin is a PrincessBeautiful of fire lock and emerald orbTrappedUntil one day on the backOf a great white steedHer Prince Charming comesTo save herThe clash of ...
  • 643

    He descends the steps leading to the pool, wearing nothing but a simmering white robe. Bruises and blood painted his skin; air slipped between the new blank space in his upper jaw. Once, his hair had been neatly combed and parted- now, it was a haphazard cut with tufts of hair clinging to a bald ...
  • 773

    She is The Dreamer Of fiery lock and hazel orb Looking into the distance with an eager eye Upon the horizon she sees And oh, she saw The Dream in which The Dreamer wanted Yet it was not to be Or perhaps just not right away It clouded the Dream over Blown from view Only ...
  • 940

    I have been thinking about how the world is changing and how as a person I have changed over the years. A decade ago, if I wasn’t in school or actively speaking with someone, I had headphones on my head. I would always replace them in a matter of hours when they shorted out or ...
  • ground meat

    The room went black, and the shower blasted me with cold water. The fucking power is out again! I thought. I gave myself a mental pep talk. I thought, Aiden and I are celebrating our six-month anniversary dinner tonight, and it is February 14th. I focused on a three-layer cake with pale purple flowers on ...