• endless spiral of space

    Life is full of changes.Large and smallEnough to make anyone stressYet, expected to be beneficial This sense of change can be overwhelmingFeelings of being inadequate and irrelevantEmotional drainage that few realizePushing us all aside like waves Caught in a perpetual cycleof rise and fallThese ideas of what change can bringUnable to truly deal with them ...
  • pocket watch

    Life is unpredictableWe try to fill it with thingsThat makes us happy or sadBut nothing can help us predict our future We think that everything is set to fateSo we fight against the grainOr do we sit and wait for events to happenAs they may appear to be Our lives are what we make of ...
  • Hugging

    Physical touch is essential to our mental, emotional, and physical well-being. When people do not receive any physical contact, their bodies react negatively. Many have never heard of touch starvation, also known as touch deprivation. This condition can occur in anyone because touch starvation happens when you don’t get as much physical touch as you ...
  • pocketwatch, grains of sand.

    Take a look around youDo you see the hidden secrets?The whispers on the wind? The loneliness in the dusk? All around usThese are the signs that we cannot seeThe subtle way the world shiftsAlerting us to its woes Each moment is tinyThe size of a grain of sandYet, each so impactfulAs to change the course ...
  • Man hitting baseball

    Have you ever started a sentence and wanted to immediately jump off of a cliff? That’s the story of my life today. There could be many reasons for this occurrence. You could be stressed and tired. Life can be stressful and can change at any moment. My sister had a baby, and my uncle passed ...
  • The Island Flamingo

    I cannot return to my sleep; the flamingo in my dream lingers in my brain. I lie awake in bed for some time, twiddling my thumbs and watching the window curtains gently flutter. Then I notice an envelope hanging from one of the curtains with a paper clip. Tiptoeing so I don’t startle my escort, ...
  • Dog covering face

    Everyone has a week where things didn’t exactly go as planned. This can be extremely frustrating for any number of reasons. Last week, I planned to finish a book that I was given to beta read, and I couldn’t touch it at all because I was so tired. This week I’m making good progress, and ...
  • worried

    I am more than frustrated Panic mode has been activated, and the off switch still can’t be located  Yet I left this issue unstated… I have stayed animated, even when I’m feeling aggravated People are so used to the illusion I have created Things only get more complicated…
  • Rest on a journey

    Have you ever felt yourself emotionally go backwards? Lately, it seems like everything I have been trying to achieve has been put on pause. This being said I am actively working not to slip into my old version of survival mode. The new strategy is to not let myself say, “I’ll do it later.”  Later ...
  • The Island Flamingo

    My childhood memories end abruptly when the setting sun catches my eye. My escort and I decide to return to our hotel room and go to bed for the night. We fall asleep the instant our bodies lay in the soft beds. Once again, I find myself dreaming. I’m naked and floating in a large ...