• the clockwork of the mind, with a ticking clock behind the person

    Standing on the precipice Anticipating the plungeYet, poisonous talons of fear Tear into my flesh Sinking deep into my hand,anesthetizing prefrontal cortex Pumping procrastination obstructing my veinswith anxiety and doubt Blue inky blood Childish scribblingsEtched underneath Ashen complexion and dark circlesSurrounding my eyes Fidgety fingers Ripping at nails and skinfingers bleeding The sound of the ...
  • Island Castle

    Nia’s cab stops at a dead end, where a sidewalk to the left leads to the castle. After getting her bags from the trunk and seat, Nia thanks the driver, who tips his hat and drives off. Nia starts walking towards the castle underneath a canopy of palm trees and twittering birds. Nia takes no ...
  • Shattered glass pieces

    In a faraway land called Afghanistan, I hear her break his wine goblet, shattering the bowl to tiny bits. Bouncing, ricocheting off surfaces, broken pieces scatter to places unseen. He bellows, blames, name calls her. She screams back. Her voice, strong and bold echoes through the walls. Every crawling ant stops. He uses his hands ...
  • A Scary looking Gecko

    My brother swings open his office door, and a gecko scurries along. They trade looks. Briefcase slides off his sweaty palms, and he sits at the edge of the chair. What if she jumps on to me? What if she hangs from the ceiling to fall into my lap? I still remember that lizard. I ...
  • Broken glass

    I’m always stopping short, butting against the glass. I know if I made a fist, a proper fist, and swing, I could shatter it. But every time, I only end up with my fingers leaving prints and streaks as I watch, afraid to be seen. It’s only my careful reflection that needs to be known. ...
  • Boulder

    I am the definition of insanity and a god of abandoned dreams. Glory, I’ve left behind. I extend my hands and roll my stone up mountains of good intentions and career paths. I have yet to reach the top of any of them. I’m finished. I fall to my knees and say, “I give up.” ...
  • Black with Blood Red Text

    I’ve always loved Halloween! So when I saw the black and red advertisement on social media asking for haunted house people, I applied without a second thought. “Sign-ups for haunters—50 bucks a night, free pizza, and scare the shit out of people.” I left a note on the chalkboard: Mom, gone out. Might not be ...
  • 1079

    There is a storm brewingthe air is thick with tensionas silence muffles thedisquiet of a taxed nation a communityin waitinglike a storm brewingon the horizon waiting to showerthe nation witha tempered wrathcontained for too long the heavy rumbleof their voicesan occasional pocketof peaceful protest pushes against thebarriers that canno longer holdtheir pain and distress and ...
  • 598

    Your movementsdebauched but steadyprecise like you arealways at the ready But your actionsare now instinctiveyou blend right inwith the crowd Your social cues performedwith perfect precisionno one even noticesthe undiluted shell you’ve become Your balance is offyou are strugglingto find your centeryour feet arenot touching the ground And like a pendulumyou swingwith every feelingyour core ...
  • 803

    Click here to read parts 1-16! Rebellions did not pick up traction quickly. Tristan was slow to learn that lesson. Connor laughed at her nervous energy, having learned years ago that a soldier’s and rebel’s closest companion was boredom. Her whole being felt rushed to move the cause forward, but reality dedicated that they must ...