• white furry branches with autumn tree background

    Autumn is approaching, which means Halloween is lurking Chilly nights call for glowing fireplaces, creating illumination for spooky stories Colorful leaves begin to fall, revealing innumerable bony branches Fall’s vibrant beauty bestows, yet undertones of mystery arise Darkness comes sooner, providing a shroud for the undead
  • Where are the faeries? are they below the iron bar door?

    Deep in the enchanted forestUnder mossy rocks and water-reeds I found an iron-bar doorLying over a sinkhole in the creek bed I wondered and yelled out“Hello! Is anyone down there” Eerily, a gentle voice replied“Do not worry, we are sheltering here” “Why are you hiding?” I inquired “We are waiting for humanity  to stop the carnage on our planet” Then, ...
  • A withered water-reed swaying alone in the breeze

     My life was like a half-withered water-reed Swaying alone, in the winter breeze I floated between yellow and brown hues And then I fell into an ocean of purple and blue  Without a splash, I sank like a lead balloon Halfway down, I rolled over and saw a glowing half-moon Slowly, I swam back to the glimmering surface Where, I realized, ...
  • A man and woman walking together

    Strolling down the narrow street,Fingers interlocked in a loving gripMy love, I hear the rhythm of your heartbeatIt pounds in perfect harmony with mineThe roses sparkle with a deeper hue todayTheir fragrance saturates the air around usNature has become an entourage on our walk of desire  A few more steps in hopeful delightWe reach the ...
  • Outer Space

    there is inner space  and there is outer space I like to travel in both places life is not a race my database  is my bookcase   I have yet to embrace  the coalface  face to face  and this human race  has misplaced  the meaning of grace  and lost the paper chase  to the corporate greed of cyberspace    tonight, I’m flying to inner space  aboard my “Itmims” spacecraft  to ...
  • Schism in the family of elephants

    Three generations lived together under one roof as one. Then the youngest challenged the ways of the oldest. They reached no reconciliation. So, they separated – with torn hearts. A death brought them together again. At the funeral, the mind of the oldest and youngest recognized how it was, too late to live as ‘One’. ...
  • Trees

    As rain drip drops in the woods, it fills my vessel. Nourishing leaves and roots, the pitter patter talks to me. And arouses sweet memories of MartaDi- my American born sister from another mother. She and I, swung this swing together. We crackled, rejoiced, and felt free to share our fondest little truths. She described ...
  • Rain-streakedwindow

    All I want to do is sleepThen wake up and facethe outside world. For if I give intothis tug-of-war,and face the dawn? I may as well be oneof the walking dead,no mind or soul attached. I cling to each memorypossible of you, as ifthat will save me. I grip and pull the blanketover my head, ...
  • A foreign plant between a barbwire barrier and the highway

    Hello newcomer How long have you been there? A stranger in a strange land Standing alone on harsh ground Living between a barbwire barrier And an untraveled highway  Where do you come from? My coloured one Where are you going? Within our vast island home I wonder. Will you be accepted? By other pretentious squatters  With tolerance and compassion 
  • rain drops falling on a window

    Arms stretch upwards in a bid to form a shieldLegs pick up pace in search of saving sheltersShutters clap close to create a damJoyful screams echo from the lips of wet toddlers The rain is hereHer voice is the perfect harmony of baritone thunder and crackling strikesFrom the safety of my bedroom where I sitI ...