• Candlelight

    Oh, my dear Judasyou once meanteverything. We played, laughedand fought demonstogether. We wanted to liveand take on thecruel world. But your family hatedme hanging out withsomeone like you. Your loved onesdidn’t appreciate mebeing a part of your life. Instead of defendingme against them andremaining a true friend? You abandoned me toan emotional hellevery time. I ...
  • Bleeding hearts

    Best friends for neveris what we havebecome. Time can never healthe rift and distancebetween us. An angel turned demonis what you areto me. “Misery loves company,”is what people saidabout you and I. Like a blinded fool,I could not seethis eye-opening truth. “No good deed goes unpunished,”is a spoken truth Inow believe. Best friends for neveris ...
  • After an Argument

    Random Checking John and I are flying to Canada. We landed at the Montreal Dorval airport. As passengers disembark the plane, an airport official approaches and asks me to leave the crowd. To the officer’s surprise, John steps out along with me. They also asked another gentleman in the group to step aside. We are ...
  • tearful soul

    Thirty days and thirty nightscan never be enoughto get over you. The light you broughtinto my life is nowa distant memory. Every time I close my eyesI envision the happinessI thought I brought you. You disappeared into the coldwinter night, leaving meto the unforgiving wilderness. Abandoned by you, I try to livefighting my demons andblack, ...
  • Johnny and Freddie

    A HAWAIIAN MANICURE A week-long cruise around the Islands in Hawaii was decided by the Turkey group, a Bell Labs softball team. It is a non-stop fun time. On-board cultural classes are offered. I have opted for hula-dancing lessons, while others enrolled in ukulele classes, or the art of stringing leis. On the first day, ...
  • flowers

    “Hey, you! Come play with me.” “I can’t see you, Can you see me?” “I see a blop. Is that you?” “I’m a blop. What form are you?” “I’m formless, but I’m dense. I’m all around you, Blop.” “I feel you, Dense. What can we play?” “Hide and seek?” Said Dense “You’re everywhere,” Said Blop, ...
  • Moon peaking among branches

    I meditate Letting go of aspirations, Letting in what is Under self-restricting views, Monitoring News. I’m slowly dissolving. Not quitting, not doubting, Attention to breathing Towards Present. In and out, in and out, On the way to Liberation. Neither this nor that – with you.   Love what is, Immediate and fulfilling, But never take ...
  • Hore Abby

    “Do me a favor, darling, and put that box in the kitchen,” Maggie called. Derrick hefted the box onto the dense oak table. Dr. Keirnan’s house was small and cluttered with paraphernalia from multiple eras. Some of it was labeled, but most were sitting on every bit of counter space in piles, boxes, or bags ...
  • Houses of neighbors

    Those were the days when neighbors took pride in knowing each other by first and last names Kids, pets included. O, those were the days… Those were the days when neighbors exchanged tomatoes, potatoes, and onions Milk included. O, those were the days… Those were the days when neighbors drove their cars, trucks, and trolleys ...
  • Monarch Butterfly Draws Nectar

    We were young, still in our cocoons when we first met. Flora morphed into a beautiful butterfly, sooner than me. Her wings—the colors of fire, lit the sky. Her flutter stirred many, to reach and pocket her. But free minded, she held her own, unwilling to be caught.   With a grand vision to travel ...