• Guardian angel

    I’m swept awayIn the swelteringStorm, you pulledMe into. I became yourLoyal companionSunlit days,Midnight hours. All it tookWas one glanceToward my path,My fate was sealed. Are you a hero?Are you a villain?I cannot discernOne from the other. To ask me thatWould compareTo ask God aboutHeaven and hell. Why is thereGood and evil?Is our days pureHappenstance? I ...
  • flower

    The flower was crumbling moment by moment. My wrinkles got deeper year after year, And yet, my husband saw nothing but beauty. My child missed the target again and again, Despair crawled up her face. All I saw was her determination to succeed. God showed me a torn, corrupted world full of anguish and despair. ...
  • mulitiple coloured threads in a loom

    Gazing, gasping, and gaping in awe,as I behold a tapestry most majesticwith multitudes of intricacies woven,light, life, and love spun into threadsintricately placed by the Master’s hands. Staring at beauty extravagant ponderingthe source of His inspiration withemotions whirling, voices praising,worship pouring out, acknowledgingHis image embedded within each strand. Wooden shuttle chatters deftly weavingthe weft thread ...
  • two wedding rings lying on a book

    Marriage is a sacred bond between two people. A relationship desired by God and meant to be held as infinitely important. As God desires us to be in an intimate relationship with Him, our personal relationships also need to adhere to certain standards. When the high standards of the most holy are not met, we ...
  • Woman in red with halo.

    Sometimes, from where she would sit at the café, the birds would sweep in and steal her bread. Oftentimes, like right now, she would smile about this. She would laugh to herself, feeling that wonderful warmth course through her body, knowing that by smiling, she was helping the entire universe in its effort to heal. ...
  • 1424

    The parable Jesus taught in the tenth chapter of John is an amazing eye-opener! Jesus referred to Himself as a “portal”(v.3) and “the door” (v.9). He is how we believers reach and enter into the Holy presence of Yahweh (God). Jesus is the only highway or passageway or pathway to Heaven. Believers need to follow ...
  • Perceiving Rainbows

    Sun’s rays refract through rain, creating multi-faceted hues in wondrous bows of colour- God’s promise to the earth.   Forever.   Earthly rainbows are but a whisper of realities far beyond time and within eternity- coloured ribbons of pure energy.   Alive.   Arches solid as opalescent bones, vibrating within tangible resonance that echo and ...
  • God's Purpose

    Complacency leads to dissatisfaction. It agitates the giant inside us causing us to crave a better quality of life. Take yearly resolutions for example. The first few weeks focus on energy, drive, and determination. With the giant, we self-motivate, keep going, doing, and strive to build our ambitions. Working with the giant generates new ideas, ...
  • 2052

    Everyone has been told at least once in their life to have faith. This can mean so many different things depending on one’s personal beliefs. For me, it is what I live my life by. Having grown up in a very traditional Catholic family, I don’t remember not having God as the center of my ...
  • 1111

    They say it’s okay to walk away, but no one ever said it would be easy. I like to think I’ve learned a lot in the last couple of years. When I was younger, I wanted to be nothing short of conventional. I wanted to be a housewife and I wanted to live in my ...