• scene of little girl sleeping beneath the moon

    Many people believe that any story that begins with “Once upon a time…” is a fairytale. But, there are truths to these tales and that is so for Avaline and her Star Slippers. Once upon a time, an eccentric woman lived on the mysterious Moon. Her name was Aurora, and she washed her hair in ...
  • child holding hand of aging person

    She caches her jewelry Cardboard tubes under her mattress Hidden from faces she can’t remember Haunting her with changed bedsheets While disembodied voices perched on telephone wires Check on her She gripes They’re stealing my things At the liar: Voice too old to be her daughter Sunday – no – Wednesday No How can it ...
  • 1098

    This tripod has been around. The box was dusty, shoved in a corner of the attic. Three legs. At least there used to be. I see the joints where repairs were made. The first leg is wooden but the break is new. The break is clean; smooth to the touch. No splinters prick my fingers. ...