• Desolate landscape

    My mouth is a volcanoMy words destructiveto innocent bystanders. The poison in my wordsAiling and killingeverything around me. If anyone saved me?Before I lose control?It wouldn’t change. I’m a hopeless freak.An unnatural byproduct,cruel and pitiful. Despite my decay,my predestined doom,I must cling to hope. That hope is you,remind me who I am,pull me from my ...
  • water dripping into a pool

    Void – to be withoutThe lack thereofNot validNothing of value Constant reminders thatYour hair should be bone straightVoid of its waves, kinks and curls You are fooled into thinkingThat your body should be leanWith your collar bones protruding That your curves are too lewd, nasty or sexyYour breasts are taunting, tantalizingly or crudeYour lips too ...
  • 654

    Eyes ruby redHe lays in my bedGets in my headWants me dead He lures me inWith his musical hissAnd numbs my heartWith his poisonous kiss Coils around myBody just rightSqueezing and crushingWith all his might Until I cease to seeDanger in his hugsLoss and fearWill fill my lungs The coolness of his skinPulls me inNow I have lostMy second ...
  • 680

    Imagine,  there's still milk, juice, and snacks for the week in 17 refrigerators once fresh, but now soured.
  • Spring bird

    There once was a free bird,Who loved to sing. There once was a happy bird,That loved to fly. There once was a content bird,Who loved to eat and drink of life. But a hunter came by,Who loved the bird’s beauty. He thought to himself,“I could only be happy with a bird like that”. So he ...
  • 882

    Both of them stand at a precipice. Neither of them dares to speak for fear of saying the wrong thing- or perhaps the right thing. He stands with arms outstretched, magic crackling up and down their tanned skin. At his fingertips, the magic is lightning. She doesn’t move because if she does, he’ll react. Instead, ...
  • damaged pink rose

    “Is this better?” Mike asked as he finished fixing the pillows behind Lena. “Yeah. Thanks, babe.” Lena didn’t want to look him in the eye for fear that he might see the truth behind the lie. She couldn’t get comfortable no matter how hard she tried. Every position hurt. “What else can I do?” Mike ...
  • 704

    He is the perfect partnerThe words tumble from her lipsdisregarding anypain or tearspreviously shed He is passionate and dignifiedwords she now uttersas the warmthof his bodycomforts her in his bed His words aresoft and caringlike none she’s ever heardher words describe him boldlywithout the slightest care in the world She’s oblivious to thetime and patienceinvested ...
  • 895

    Penned by: sylstein & Calpernia Charles We met in the summerour love like no otheryou were like no oneI had ever meteverything felt familiarbut not everything was right Ugliness hidbehind your smilesempty looks blazinghurt in your eyesbroken promisesnow the reasonfor lost lovethis summer season I had becomeblind for your loveand overtime itbecame cleareryou weren’t the ...
  • 1265

    The woman you seek Shall be yours In this game You insist on playing   She will lay by Your side With a bitterness In her mouth You cannot tame   Hatred will grow By the sound Of your name For you will betray her And cause her shame   Your eyes look Upon her ...