• Training room

    When you feellike giving up,beaten and bruised. The blood tricklingdown your face,marred and scarred. When you feelthis is the end,losing your will. Get up!O’ kindredsoul. Get up!Don’t bowdown. For when allis against you,you’re the strongest. Amid the tauntsthe names,the labels. “Stupid!Idiot!”They scream. “Clueless!Worthless!”They spit out. Like venomthey vomit,toxic normality. Rise above it,drown their wordswith conviction. ...
  • Going Down

    I’m in my cups.I got the sauce.The bottle is empty.Go for anotherI’m in my bag.That rotten hag.This week has been,an eternal sin.Even stillI try to grin.Bear it all.Nah, Fuck it all!Can’t do that.Where is it at?Focusnot hocus pocus.I’m in my cups.I’m in my bag.But I will removethis old rag.Start anewfresh for you.A new day.A new ...
  • 1263

    It’s so hard to move past the deep exhaustion that this world makes you feel   The constant and ongoing race to make everyone feel addressed and cared about   When you feel forgotten worn out and empty   Everyone is stressed and everyone needs help if only they could see how much help you ...
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    “And if today, all you did was hold yourself together, I’m proud of you.” – Healthy Place Do you ever just have one of those days where it feels like it all comes crashing in? That at some point in time, you realize that you are one person and, no matter how much you would ...
  • https://www.powerofpositivity.com/5-reminders-will-keep-strong-even-feel-like-giving/

    For one day, I would love to fall apart. To lock myself in my room, turn the lights down low, and let myself fall apart. To have a pity party of the utmost ridiculous, and to have a full on cry fest. And not the pretty cry you see on TV. Oh no. I’m talking ...