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    Turkeytown, a small turkey community in California, was home to several thousand toms, hens, jakes, and jennies. These weren’t just any turkeys. Rather, they were talking turkeys, communicating like humans. Although, it wasn’t acceptable to reference them as being human-like since Turkeytown turkeys feared humans. Such comparisons weren’t well-received. The rafter of turkeys all lived in perfect harmony. Well, ...
  • 1763

    Santa’s elf, Corlie, secretively known as Callous Corlie by others, finished getting ready for work. She stared into the mirror, then swiped her brown hair behind a pointy ear. After blowing a kiss at her reflection in the mirror, she headed to the kitchen. Aromas of coffee permeated throughout the single-story bungalow. Corlie filled a ...
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    We were safe for the time being, but it was no time to let our guard down. Levi peeked through the bushes, trying his best not to make a sound. He looked both ways down the street. All we could see was the crossing guard, Mrs. Hankins, letting children pass. “All good,” he whispered. “Come ...