• Clouds cascading upon a city at night

    Too much is occurring in our sheltered society hell-bent on tearing and leaving us in pieces. While the blood soaks through the dirt, evident like the smell of rage and gunpowder. “He’s the enemy!,” one cries as the mob of flesh-hungry beasts eat at one another. Ripping fragile veins and tearing through skin until only ...
  • Father and daughter embracing while sitting on a step outside

    It’s amazing how the ordinary,becomes something extraordinary. The poor are rich in heart,and rich in spirit. They prove they are somebody,and can leave a legacy. Be it in kind deed,without greed. Be it in pure love,precious than a dove. How a true father,will never let me falter.  
  • mountain peak in nature landscape

    Oh, dear mankind,those that dwellamong the createdearthly dwelling. Take heart andnever forgetthe struggles that brought you here. You survived theworst amongmany turmoiland tribulations. Gods have destroyed you,Kings have enslaved you,Storms have taken your homes,and even kin have betrayed you. Your blood has been spilledcountless times to breakyour spirit in sorrowand grief-stricken anger. If love endureswithin ...
  • woman embracing knees

    In a November 2021 interview with Stephen Colbert about his part in Tick, Tick, Boom, Andrew Garfield shared his grief on the loss of his mother. He made some of the most honest, heartwarming, and heart-wrenching comments about grief and sharing a loved one’s legacy. I had never related to something so deeply about my grief as I ...
  • people holding hands

    “And if I didn’t know betterI’d think you were talking to me nowIf I didn’t know betterI’d think you were still around.”—Marjorie, Taylor Swift In just a few days, I finish up the first phase of this new career. There will be a ceremony. You were supposed to be there. You were supposed to watch ...
  • 1312

    Death, my old foe Kindly released me from this mortal flesh Prone to disease and decay Set free, my soul to roam Not anchored by failing faculties Floating oblivious to pain Pain, ah, at last, no more replaced by radiant warmth happy to see life goes on Made immortal by love and memories my legacy, ...