• holding hands

    “I love you,” you said.   I became short of breath.“What do you love?”I asked.    “I love you,”you said, smiling.   “What parts of me don’t you love?” I asked sheepishly.   “I love you,” you kept saying, passing your hand through my unkempt hair.   “You don’t love my unkempt hair,”I protested.   “I love ...
  • A snow-covered mountain range far in the north.

    Javana screamed. Not a someone please help me cry, but a blood-curling ‘put me out of my misery’ shriek.
  • give thanks

    Staying grateful can be difficult. I have put together a list of 24 blessings that people can be thankful for. The holiday of Thanksgiving which takes place in America on the 24th of November. Holiday festivals. All of the colors and the lights, and happy times make everyone feel warm and fuzzy. Warm blankets. Warm ...
  • Romantic surprise

    I thought he would never changeA man of a strong, bold bravadoTo match his towering stature. We met in days of childhood,He never cared for me thenA young and naive schoolgirl. I knew not how ideas of romanceThe world or human nature,Can affect a meek soul like me. The boy I knew in childhoodShowed no ...
  • flower

    The flower was crumbling moment by moment. My wrinkles got deeper year after year, And yet, my husband saw nothing but beauty. My child missed the target again and again, Despair crawled up her face. All I saw was her determination to succeed. God showed me a torn, corrupted world full of anguish and despair. ...

    She gave her birth, breathed life into her. Fed, caressed, soothed, punished. Comforted again. She got her to believe in all things unreal or what seemed real. But today, child’s grown enough to be self-reliant. She needs no womb, no feeds, nor caresses. Her own strength guides her, and she forms her own beliefs. Mother ...
  • Books

    The Tattooist of Auschwitz, a novel written by Heather Morris, tells the humbling tale of Lale Sokolov, a Slovakian Jew, who was imprisoned in a concentration camp during World War II. The novel is an international bestseller, and after reading Lale Sokolov’s story, I feel compelled to honor this book. Based on Sokolov’s real life ...
  • Plane in clouds

    I’m finally holding on to letting go.  What is the power of letting go? Well, when you have to find your own power, when you feel powerless, you learn how strong you really are. About a month ago, I did something crazy. I got on a plane and went halfway across the United States without ...
  • sunrise

    May you want what is good and healthy,May you dream of what lets you soar.   May you smileat the kindness of others,Content about how they are.   May you be joyful,accepting realityand bless it with all your heart.
  • Building with windows

    The sick slips into everything. Doctors distribute masks. The children must be protected. A large collection of families relocate to their country estates. Water and medicine are in greater demand than ever. Eloise’s mother works nights and mornings, all day. Every patient must be helped, and every child is kept in a safe place. Ambulances ...