• Snow covered bud

    In early spring, a bud sustains  a crown of snow.   She claims, “Look, Mother Nature, My crown is evaporating, Only you are constant.” “Look, Mother Nature, I’m here!” She exclaims.
  • A seashell

    When I leave work and walk home to join my husband, joy replaces unsolved woes  and I’m happy. On my way back to work I carry an extra shield of love a layer of purity, to unfold hurdles with a smile knowing my husband’s hug awaits.
  • Woman wearing black lace

    When you dipmy body singsback archesmaking my legs fall openlike butterfly wings When you dipmy body soarsand the soft moansescaping my throatis my call for more When you diptaking a sipI bite my lipso I can controlthe swaying of my hips When you dipeverything gets quietexcept for the soundof my heartbeat in my ear And ...
  • bird perched on post

    Your harsh wordsinfiltrate a raw nerve. I howl You cringeand disconnect. I lick a scar on the nerve. Later I soothe that ghost of a nerve,That shred of a nothinginto wholesomeness. I invite you to connect.
  • pink flower

    I look at the doorYou’re not there. I stare at the couch,You’re not there. Closing my eyeslistening to my heartbeat,I find yousoothing,reassuring. There’s no need to ask,When are you coming back?    
  • Renewed Gypsy

    I knew this dayWould one dayCome upon me. All aloneIn the coldGentle Breeze. The soft windCombs throughMy Auburn hair. I shiver in solitude,Believing it myEntire existence. But what should IA maiden solely beAssured by my volition? Why should I care?I walk alone withA gentle creed. “Me, myself, and I,”I say to thine own self,Fueled not ...
  • Blooming rose

    Blooming, my dear child flower, as you go into the world, allow me to tell you there will be days you will feel loved by every leaf. Each leaf will come to assist you in your growth, and you will feel as if you’re on top of the world. But there will also be days ...
  • Heart drawn in sand

    I see myself in you,but I’m not you. You’re magic,Awesome,Fragile,like me,but you’re not me. You’re indestructible. I’m indestructiblein a different way,because we’re unique. I see myself in you,becausewe’re both human,but our sensations,motionsand choicesdiffer. Instead ofjudgingand trying tomodifyyou,I’ll study your actionslike a stunning enigma,and see your beauty. I’m blessedto bewith you.
  • Crescent Moons

    While watching over the newest member, Mili discovers something wonderful.
  • pillows

    My head rests on a pillow,but my body feels restless. I nudge youto share your pillow. Our bodies mingle,and feelings intensify. Your pillow slidesto my hips. When my head lays on your pillow,it doesn’t rest for long.