• Sour Candy

    I’m a sour patch kid.First sour, then sweet,dancing on taste budsuntil I’m gone. I can be innocent.A slice of heavento make all your dreamscome true. Or I can be cruel.Your match made in hell,a perfect storm wrappedin a tantalizing package. A temptress full of desirebeyond imagination.A heartbreaker to leave you cold and empty. “It’s not ...
  • Pierced Ear

    A shiver of nerves zips up my spine as I wait in the empty parlor. Most days, this place is hopping with customers or random beings coming off the street to catch a glimpse of the inside. I certainly feel that after peering at all the colorful designs etched on the walls outside. The bold ...
  • flowers

    Transforms dark moments into lessons, villains into wistful masters. Her memory chases ghosts away and clears spiderwebs in my heart. She enriches my emotional rainbow from despair and rage into peace and equanimity. The joy of walking breathing smiling. My mother’s initials wrap any twist on the road to liberation, a precious gift sharing her ...
  • flowers

    “Hey, you! Come play with me.” “I can’t see you, Can you see me?” “I see a blop. Is that you?” “I’m a blop. What form are you?” “I’m formless, but I’m dense. I’m all around you, Blop.” “I feel you, Dense. What can we play?” “Hide and seek?” Said Dense “You’re everywhere,” Said Blop, ...
  • Desolate landscape

    My mouth is a volcanoMy words destructiveto innocent bystanders. The poison in my wordsAiling and killingeverything around me. If anyone saved me?Before I lose control?It wouldn’t change. I’m a hopeless freak.An unnatural byproduct,cruel and pitiful. Despite my decay,my predestined doom,I must cling to hope. That hope is you,remind me who I am,pull me from my ...
  • Heart

    My heart. My heart aches and I cry. My heart rejoices and I laugh. Today, I feel my heart aching and rejoicing.   Will it ever know its way to reconciliation?
  • Hallway

    When I see youDo I see you? When I hear youDo I listen to you? Am I the only one here?Is it all my reflection? I want to break the mirrorbut the mirror is my reflection, When I break itI see another mewatching me I don’t want to be alone.I want you to join me. ...
  • Sprouting Seed

    Burying her… alive? But she’s a seed. Bound to sprout. And grow – on you too.
  • Snow covered bud

    In early spring, a bud sustains  a crown of snow.   She claims, “Look, Mother Nature, My crown is evaporating, Only you are constant.” “Look, Mother Nature, I’m here!” She exclaims.
  • A seashell

    When I leave work and walk home to join my husband, joy replaces unsolved woes  and I’m happy. On my way back to work I carry an extra shield of love a layer of purity, to unfold hurdles with a smile knowing my husband’s hug awaits.