• Wolf howling at moon

    Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?Not me, no way, no sir.Because I am his and he is mine.For I am his soulmate. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?Are you such a delicate and fragile rose?You should be as heis a force to reckon with. He can swallow you wholewith a single gulp,without any ...
  • Father and daughter embracing while sitting on a step outside

    It’s amazing how the ordinary,becomes something extraordinary. The poor are rich in heart,and rich in spirit. They prove they are somebody,and can leave a legacy. Be it in kind deed,without greed. Be it in pure love,precious than a dove. How a true father,will never let me falter.  
  • silhouette of trees and person sitting looking up at a star filled night sky

    I see the heavensin your eyes.Worlds and galaxiesswirl within your soul. Love is who you areseen by a soul like mine.A dull nickel withhardly any worth. You see value regardlessin someone plain.You believe in mewhere I lack faith. Your love is deepplentiful and abundant.I cannot turn backfrom its depth. I’m your precious cointo carry with ...
  • Ocean Waves

    Silence escapes my lips.The cold, unfeeling airfrom the world stealingevery bit of breathfrom me. I struggle againstthe waves of sorrow, prayingfor relief andsalvation. The will to survivebeing the onlyreason to liveagainst the raging waves. With no oneto turn to Ihave to keepswimming withall my strength. Silence escapes my lips.The shore now just ahead,past the suffocating ...
  • mountain peak in nature landscape

    Oh, dear mankind,those that dwellamong the createdearthly dwelling. Take heart andnever forgetthe struggles that brought you here. You survived theworst amongmany turmoiland tribulations. Gods have destroyed you,Kings have enslaved you,Storms have taken your homes,and even kin have betrayed you. Your blood has been spilledcountless times to breakyour spirit in sorrowand grief-stricken anger. If love endureswithin ...
  • Woman gazing in mirror

    Mirror Mirrorupon my wall.Tell me who willlove me above all. I searched high and lowover and under anyplace.For someone in a crowdwith a kind and gentle face. My prayers answeredwhen I fell into his arms.That keep me warm,and raised no alarms. Mirror mirrorupon my wall.Will he trulylove me above all? To fulfill dreamsof love and ...
  • Girl embracing a teddy bear

    In the calmand quietI see you. You call my namebeckoning meto be in your arms. Underneath the moon,the stars and galaxiesyou call upon me. “Trust me”you say withreassurance. How can I?When the gaping holewithin me grows. Left there bybetrayal after betrayalnever fully healing. I am a scaredwounded childdesiring a reprieve. “Trust me”you say withsincerity. As ...
  • piano keys with a page of sheet music sitting on top

    Christmas music is one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. I have a strong emotional reaction to music. Lyrics speak to me in ways nothing else can. So, it is no surprise Mark Schultz singing “Different Kind of Christmas” opens the floodgates of my emotions every time I listen to it. It is ...
  • A bride holding a bouquet

    It’s a joyful day These amazing hours encapsulated within the sun’s naptime and waking In this moment the realities of my dreams  Flow freely from my lips like a binding spell In a gathering honored by well-wishers I gladly say I do
  • Bleeding hearts

    Best friends for neveris what we havebecome. Time can never healthe rift and distancebetween us. An angel turned demonis what you areto me. “Misery loves company,”is what people saidabout you and I. Like a blinded fool,I could not seethis eye-opening truth. “No good deed goes unpunished,”is a spoken truth Inow believe. Best friends for neveris ...