• Snake hand with blood and a eye.

    First, the plane landed late, and now she was calling him, and he hadn’t even picked up his luggage. “What do you want, Rachael?” Okay, maybe he was being impatient with her. Tom had been away on a business trip for the last three weeks. So, he calmed himself down and tried again. “I’m sorry, ...
  • Statute of Liberty

    September 11, 2001, is a day Americans will never forget. Over three thousand people were murdered that day in New York City—a tragedy unlike any other we have ever witnessed. While the world mourned, some hid their wicked killings under the mask of the tower attack. Dr. Sneha Philip Dr. Sneha Philip, an emergency room ...
  • Bobby Mackeys - Behind the Demons

    If you are a paranormal enthusiast, you’ve probably have heard of Bobby Mackey’s Music World. Bobby Mackey’s is probably the most researched site by paranormal investigators. The Ghost Adventures team and Ghost Hunters crew have investigated the music world with mixed results. If you go by Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures team, Bobby Mackey’s ...
  • Photo of St. Marys Cemetery

    My first time working for my new employer, I had yet to see a day of sun since the Mississippi. The train had arrived in a cloud of low-hanging, foul black soot that matched the smiling mouths of some fellow patrons I tipped my head to along the way. What had been a normal blend ...