• Donkey Lady

    San Antonio, Texas, brings to mind the Alamo and the River Walk. I took a trip out to San Antonio and had a blast at both places. I never knew about the unusual cryptid that haunted the outskirts of San Antonio.  The Donkey Lady haunts a bridge just outside the city. It is an isolated ...
  • pterodactyl

    I love researching cryptids because the history of these monsters is interesting. Some of the fascinating cryptid stories are from Native American myths and legends. Examples are the Arizona Skinwalker, a Navajo Shaman who murders a close relative to gain shifting powers, or the Algonquian Wendigo, an evil spirit that possesses its victims and turns ...
  • Ohio's Dogman

    I first heard of the Dogman when I researched Michigan’s legends. Then exploring Ohio, I learn that Ohio has either a Dogman or Werewolf. I thought how fascinating. Michigan and Ohio have Dog-like creatures running loose in their forests. It makes those stories more accurate because the sightings aren’t random. There have been so many ...
  • Werewolf

    I researched North Dakota’s cryptids for this week’s article, and there are a couple of interesting ones. The one that is the most fascinating is the Miniwashitu. The Miniwashitu is a famous Native American legend passed down by the Dakota tribe. A river monster that terrorized the Missouri River, and Melvin Randolph Gilmore wrote a ...