• 771

    Snow runoff flows downHill from my driveway to theCow pasture. I standIn the middle and watch winterWash away around my shoes.
  • Freshwater Eels

                            Ebony shadows gather in darkness                                     Most by swimming, some by walking                                     Gulping snakes slippery and soft                                     Wriggling fingers freed from hands                                     Disgustingly mysterious, fascinatingly stomach-churning                                     Creatures seen, but never unseen                                     Brought to light through no fault of their own                                     Squirming their way into our thoughts ...
  • Image of an autumn cornucopia full of fruits and decorated with flowers. Cornucopia is a sweet fantasy poem about an animal Thanksgiving.

      A swirling shell   That holds inside Beauty and bounty Under the guise Of tart apples, sweet corn, Juicy grapes, and zesty squash Waiting for hungry visitors To arrive and nosh Leaves twirl downwards Around the banquet But people don’t come They tend to forget What true beauty and bounty Is needed for life ...
  • Autumn Leaves

    These beautiful corpses Decaying on the grass These once emerald symbols Of seasons now past, The fierce red The frightened yellow The accepting orange Each joins their fellow For their ultimate end Right here and now None can cling forever To the trees’ boughs, One by one Each of them flies Towards the ground Where ...
  • Person running

    I put feet to pavement.Rivulets of melted snowcascade in the gulley.I run at its paceadmiring the claritybeauty, and purityof the water.we both proceed swiftlyin the same direction. Motivation is fickle.Clear, blue skies lureme outside for a run.I crave sunshine and grapesI run toward Springbut the snow meltsaway from it.Still, we run in the same direction ...
  • 576

    The road is wet butcrystals adorn my windowSnow falls on the ridge.Like curtains, it opens to reveal winter’s intentions.
  • 1076

    The woods sleep with snow My ears listen for spring birds, My eyes long for you As I sit by the window Wishing you could come again
  • 1807

    My mare was running. Leading the herd towards me Like life could not wait Yet, they live in the moment I forget the pain I feel.