• journal photo album

    I have a box of memoriesTidbits of this and thatThe past of good and badFrom time to time I blow off the dustPulling off the top and digging insideLooking over this and thatSeeingFeelingRememberingHow much have things really changed?For better or for worseLove and lostHere and nowI wanna laugh and cryBut I do neitherTouching the folded ...
  • volcano, ash, smoke

    A dying fire burns in the hearth, grey smoke unfurling and twisting into the open air. Dust particles alight beneath the breaking of a new day. And he sits in his chair, old, decrepit, half-mad, as old thoughts bring fresh wounds. The first thought is of her smile: how it crinkled her face and brought ...
  • 1493

    What wouldn’t I give to start over go back and do it all differently If I could know then what I know now so I could do it all right If I could change it and make better choices so we never wound up in this mess If I could it wouldn’t make a difference ...
  • heart; hands; love

    “What I would give to have one more day of that year.” A friend recently shared a group photo from almost eight years ago, and a mutual friend commented this sentiment on it. The photo has over a dozen people in it. Most would agree that it was an incredible year, full of fantastic memories. ...