• witch hat and lavender

    A poem to celebrate the changing of the seasons!
  • woman with dark hair in orange red dress in ocean water floating magic realism

    I wish I could thank you For the nights you spent In my ear When I was with you, I was venom and lead They punched Holes in my wings And put demons In my head I was flying, dying Poisoned by What they did And I plunged Down, down, down Until I spiraled Into ...
  • washing hands under water

    Why should I be Afraid to die? There’s no pain, When it’s done, Of any kind. What I fear instead Is running Out of time Waiting— Waiting— For my words to shine. There’s a story In the news About a man Who lost his hands And an accident Where someone went blind. What could I do If ...
  • Bed of purple flowers

    Pursing secrets, they lay their purple bed along the fringes of Mother Earth’s luscious lips – a cover up. Well below, in the magma of her soul, she hides the truth about our collective weight. Let’s tread softly on the ground, and keep it that way. Admire her beauty from a dignified distance. Or else… ...
  • flowers

    “Hey, you! Come play with me.” “I can’t see you, Can you see me?” “I see a blop. Is that you?” “I’m a blop. What form are you?” “I’m formless, but I’m dense. I’m all around you, Blop.” “I feel you, Dense. What can we play?” “Hide and seek?” Said Dense “You’re everywhere,” Said Blop, ...
  • Heart

    My heart. My heart aches and I cry. My heart rejoices and I laugh. Today, I feel my heart aching and rejoicing.   Will it ever know its way to reconciliation?
  • Calming ocean waves

    I’m going with the wave, to a place that may replace or erase, fill the void, And refill my glass. The quiet may confuse many, except I may keep floating in infinite possibilities.
  • Dripping sunlight

    The radiance on his face shows all. His folded hands say all. He won all negotiations with the One. While alive, he meditated and repeated His name ad nauseam. He entered the One’s universe on his own terms. He merged with One, for the world to see. The world he leaves behind still does not ...
  • Tree roots

    I can’t record audiobooks in this country because of my heavy accent.   When I audited for an organization I support, they said, “In America We employ American accents.”   I said, “I’m an American. My accent is American,” but they wouldn’t hear me.   I have such a lovely voice – Loud, Affirmative Expressive. ...
  • sunset

    I hide amidst the rolling cloudsBecause it’s where I find you mostYour jokes and voice now memoriesBut here you are my friend I miss you every single dayAnd I watch and wait and prayThat I may catch a glimpse of youSomewhere beyond the moon But amidst the rolling cloudsI see you finallyAs I sit and ...