• Tarot card the fool

    Take a tune that starts with ‘C,’ technically in the middle but still just beginning. Roll it around in a couple of flats and repeat. Over and over, the same melody. Take a path that is familiar. Walk the same trodden dirt and the same cobbled streets. Have a coffee at exactly nine and another ...
  • Woman Fire Dancing

    Where did the fire girl go when the field finally turned to ash? Where does the one who sets the flame end up when all the kindling is gone and the embers are no more? With smoke in my lungs, I dig through the burnt ruins of my harvests. I hope to find something salvageable ...
  • Stylized photo of daffodils

    Content Warning: Self-harm, mental health I love you. You know exactly how much. I love the skin you roll between your fingers and the dips you wish you could cut away. I love the bruises you trace when you find them. I love the scars you collected, even the ones you gave yourself. I know ...