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    Imagine with me a small black and white dog, a chihuahua mix, stranded in the parking lot of an elementary school. She’s just given birth to a litter of puppies that are nowhere in sight. She’s skinny and shivering, her nipples distended and dripping milk as she wanders around the black top. She keeps her ...
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    You bit my toe when we met. You fell asleep on my couch. You made me so nervous to leave you You didn’t have a crate You were locked in the bathroom. You cried for hours until mommy came home. You claimed me as your puppy that day. You hate it when I leave. You ...
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    Hey There Sweet Puppy, It’s no secret that I’m having a really hard time lately. There’s been some uncertainty about the health of people in my family that I care about. The fact that I am a college senior, all the trappings that come with that have been stressing me out. The fact that I ...
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    Victoria laid in bed, her eyes following the black wall clock. She thought it was a good decision when she first placed the clock directly across from the bed. She was an avid reader and enjoyed reading books before bed every night. With the clock right next to the bed, she would know when it ...
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      Hi there, My name is Lincoln. I’m going to tell you about the day I met my family. Have you ever heard someone tell you that when you meet someone you really love you can feel it right away? Well, that’s what happened to me. In the place I lived before, no one loved me ...