• Reindeer delivering gifts

                Antlers cutting through                                                 Thick dark clouds                                                 Hooves dancing upon                                                 The aurora borealis                                                 Heavy puffs of mist                                                 Escape our nostrils                                                 The cold bitter world                                                 With sharp barbs of ice                                                 Attempt to break us                                                 We are mildly disturbed                                                 But still move ahead, for                                                 All along ...
  • Christmas

    Reindeer prance to Winter’s dance, Making beautiful arcs in the sky. They leap, they glide, They soar, they fly.   In wake of the bright moonlight, They guide a magical sleigh. They’re swift, they’re lithe, They’re jolly, they’re gay.   Alighting on each rooftop, They help deliver bundles of joy. Each girl, each boy, Receives ...