• A selection of Tarot cards fading from the Tower, Hierophant, and Six of Swords on the left, the Wheel of Fortune in the center, and the Ten of Cups, Lovers, and the World on the right.

    I thought I had the Ten of Cups And wouldn’t be alone, I read a family in my cards Together we’d build a world of love. But instead my fate Draws the six of swords: A woman adrift skewered by swords. Did I swap my Ten of Cups Or was it snatched away by Fate? ...
  • newspaper with the word cancer magnified

    I’ve been telling my husband the only thing I hate about dying is I won’t be able to write about it. As a writer, I gravitate towards death. I’m not sure why. I remember a story I wrote in high school about my death from a car accident. My spirit floated above my body, watching ...
  • 560

    This year has not started as I imagined at all. I expected there might be another mandatory quarantine because of people wanting to celebrate the New Year the way they do every year. This year just seems like it’s going to be a very violent one if the first few weeks are any indication. I’m ...