• Island Castle

    Kofi arrives at the same sidewalk block heading towards the castle. While thunder quietly rumbles, he pulls Nia the rat out of her carrier when the taxi drives off. Nia happily nuzzles Kofi’s cheek. Nia stops when Kofi’s hand quickly puts her back in her carrier. A taxi arrives and stops on the same sidewalk ...
  • Easter eggs behind flowers

      They’re out there Searched for but invisible Recognized by a single glance Then lost forever after Disappearing in a swift cover of darkness The eggs holding light And lives hidden within Shells of fragile substance And painted bodies as Stained-glass windows To make even the most Pious cathedral envious The Easter eggs thrive Alone ...
  • Bride on her wedding day

    I stared at myself in the golden mirror. The light reflected off of my golden wedding dress. Mother didn’t think white was appropriate. I had a deep V-neck and a large skirt, which detracted from my slight baby bump. I was about two months pregnant and mother thought the gold would hide the glow that ...