• Fans First Event at Grayson Stadium

    I spend more than a dozen hours a week culling through Facebook videos and Instagram Reels. Over a year ago, I ran across a Reel of these guys in bright yellow uniforms playing baseball, but it’s the kind of baseball that made me follow and view some more. While I enjoy watching sports (football being ...
  • silhouette of person flying a kite

    “But, Mummy, the old man says this is the strongest maanjha (kite-flying twine).” Mummy smiles at seven-year-old Sudhir’s words and shakes her head. Then with a frown, she repeats, “No, it is not. This is kacha dhaga (raggedy weak thread) quite useless. You better go return it.” And hands the spool back to Sudhir, who ...
  • softball

    Take a break from the electronics and dust off your sports gear. It is time to play catch! It does not matter if it is an old pigskin, softball, or baseball. Just grab a ball and go outside. There’s always someone yearning to learn and another yearning to share some skills. Playing catch is an excellent way ...