• Alien chocking human

    I don’t consider aliens cryptids, but this story is fascinating. It is about an alien abduction that took place in Pascagoula, Mississippi. The image is provided by Mark Frost from Pixabay. Just about everyone who keeps up with UFO sightings has heard about Travis Walton. Supposedly, aliens took Walton aboard their craft in Snowflake, AZ, ...
  • DoverDemon

    Massachusetts has a history of cryptids running loose in the wooded forests. The most exciting fact is that witnesses reported seeing a couple of these critters for only a short time. Vast dense forests is a trademark of Massachusetts, and Bigfoot loves to hide in them. It’s not unusual for Bigfoot sightings, but there was ...
  • Wessie the Snake

    Maine is reputed to be the outdoor state. If you love hiking, camping, and boating, then Maine is the state for you. The Pine Tree State is known for its vast forests and is the perfect hiding spot for Bigfoot. So, when it came to researching cryptids, I thought I would find a bigfoot monster. ...
  • Kentucky's Pope Lick Monster

    Kentucky’s Pope-Lick Monster is more than just a cryptid. It is more an urban legend because no one has seen the monster. There have been no confirmed sightings like there have been for the Mothman or Bigfoot. The Pope-Lick Monster is an urban legend like the Slenderman. The Slenderman was born in 2009 from the ...
  • The Algonquin Wendigo

    Native American myths are persistent and difficult to debunk. The Navajo Skinwalker is one such myth. Traditionalist Navajos will not talk about the Skinwalker. They believe that to do so will attract its attention. The story goes that a Skinwalker is an evil medicine man that wants power. Power to be a shapeshifter and transform ...
  • Three clear beakers placed on table top

    The room was dark as Jessica opened the laboratory door. The sound of heavy breathing made the darkened room eerie. Just as Jessica stepped into the room, the laboratory lights turned on and made the eerie breathing turned into a howling noise. In the middle of the white laboratory, there was a man bounded into ...
  • expression

    I love horror movies. Not the gore and slasher type movies that seem to be popular today. Genuine scary movies like the original Halloween and the remake Halloween.  The horror movie The Hills Have Eyes reminds me of this week’s cryptid article. The movie’s plot is mutant creatures created from nuclear testing. My essay is about Connecticut’s Melon Heads. The ...
  • janeen_g_image

    I have a scar. For the past six years, I have been staring at these wounds each day as I go through my day to day life. It is a deep scar that will forever be with me for the rest of my life. It represents the various times I wanted to quit from this ...
  • person screaming

    Read previous chapters of Infected here. Hadera crept slowly down her office’s semi-darkened hallway. She started to hear eerie noises coming from the nearby office rooms. Hadera was shaking as she tried to steady her breathing. Something felt wrong as she tried to make her way down to the main lab. Hadera hadn’t seen a ...
  • person screaming

    Read previous chapters of Infected here. Hadera ran into the parking lot with blood dripping down her face. Her heart was beating so fast that it felt like it was about to burst from her chest. Her vivid illusions were getting out of hand. She ran through the park cars trying to get to safety. ...