• 937

    When spoken wordsBecome your demiseKnowingly express yourselfBy reducing the level ofConfusion withOpen communicationAllow confusionTo becomeConversationWhich guides you toConservationOf thoughts, feelings and emotionsThe process that minimizesWords and createsActionsWith no directionBut leads toA fractionOf the confusionThat comes with totalExpressionOf all your emotions Photo taken by C. Nicole Charles
  • Flames

    Speaking in earnestI search for a truthThis world I resideSeeking the proof To validate lifeHard to imagineDivisiveness fluent The error of passion My hearts skips a beatMy breath becomes shallowWith thoughts of my childrenEngulfed in this shadow What will becomeOf the ground they will walkThe steps that they takeThis violence of cause I can only ...
  • Podium

    Here at the podium strength of my life Time to now speak Settle for this Momentum is mine I pray for the weak Leave hope in the past Eternal I wish With death now surrounding every small step every last word every last breath Here at the podium I speak my last peace Pay homage ...
  • clouds over a tree

    Anger incessant fueled by misfortune Distortion of truth my only way forward This karma surrounding exempt of forgiveness There must be a lesson surely I’m missing I contemplate death yet that would decide The end of my search the loss of this sign Can only now hope that this shall not pass Down to my ...
  • Ghost

    The ghost of sadness speaks to me It’s whispers haunting carries dreams A presence felt from dust to dawn Upon my shoulder Built of brawn How can I shake you make you pass Escape your grip be free at last I hear your voice take notice of Your place within Your place above For now ...
  • Life Balance

    The pendulum swings- delicate life. When goodness usurps, both blades of the knife. Nostalgia-when happiness, seeming so clear yet, soon the non wounded slashes appear. While riding crescendo, baritone lie in wait. Upon its arrival, the Earth trembles great. Terrible fortune, only could be yet, hours before, the world at your knees. How does one ...
  • Cliff-Ledge-Wonder-Dark-Moody

    Mental migration War of attrition Rendered reluctant Away from my home Albeit accomplished Meaning escapes me Temptation taunting Leaving this place Cowardice climate Must not remain Lost luminescence Captured by dark Bluntly besieged  Trapped to remind Dueling decorum  Brought me to here Success insufficient Runaway train Generate glimpses Falsehood of promise Propagating posture Not long ...
  • 1964

    Every November, there is a goal-oriented writing event called NaNoWriMo, or National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Starting on November 1st, participants can go onto the website and keep track of their word count. It keeps track of your progress, shows the average word count you need ...