• Hand protecting a little girl

    Imposter syndrome is real. A novel idea that won’t go away. Stories that stay in drawers won’t become the next literary phenomenon. Writing can be torture. Each word feels like navigating a field of Legos barefoot in total darkness. After a few sore toes with a stream of curse words, the end is in sight. ...
  • girl looking at rose

    I’ve long been disappointed with the lack of diverse characters in popular fiction today. My current work in progress is an attempt to shrink the gap. However, yesterday I almost stopped. My current project is an interracial fantasy romance. My female main character is Afro-Latina, and her love interest is Asian. Oppression is seen as ...
  • Girl jumping mountains

    It’s that time of year again. The leaves change color, people wear more layers of clothing, and they consider it socially acceptable to drink hot chocolate. It’s November, which means it’s time for National Novel Writing Month or NanoWrimo.  The goal is to write at least 50,000 words during the month of November.  Technically, you ...
  • Person handing another person a life raft

    Sometimes, writing is like pulling teeth. The words don’t come. Every sentence is garbage. Advice always says, “Write a few sentences to get started.” Those sentences are “Who wants to read this, anyway? Why am I doing this? Can I crawl under a blanket until the ideas come?” Jobs won’t let you take breaks if ...
  • washing hands under water

    Why should I be Afraid to die? There’s no pain, When it’s done, Of any kind. What I fear instead Is running Out of time Waiting— Waiting— For my words to shine. There’s a story In the news About a man Who lost his hands And an accident Where someone went blind. What could I do If ...
  • black and gray striped cat walking on pages of a book

    “Tell me about your book.” These are the words that many authors dread. I know this because I’ve written over a dozen book blurbs for fiction titles, many of which have become award-winning and Amazon bestselling books. As an author myself, I know that back blurbs always seem to stump us writers. It’s not because ...
  • letters over swirls of color

    Embrace the Creative Spirit I indulge in creativity during summer. I have are two modes of operation: Read several books or write a portion of a novel. Go back and reread after a few months and restart from a new place.  Break the Habit College helped me break that pattern because we had to read ...
  • a young woman working on her laptop

    I have written nothing for any of my stories in a while. Writing took a slight backseat while I started learning about my mental health. My characters have still been wreaking havoc in my brain, but the doubts prevented me from writing my ideas on paper. Next, came the inevitable thoughts about not being a ...
  • An empty hallway

    I’m awakened by the piercing sound of woeful screams The wind has stopped in recognition of a loss The sun has dimmed her smile in response to a man’s pain An exchange seems to have been made A soul has left a home And is being replaced by wondering and tears What is life? It’s ...
  • Plant

    I have twisted ways of thinking.   I see fault in my husband’s thinking as if I knew better. Silencing him hurts me.   I interrupt my friend in mid-sentence as if I know what they’re going to say. Silencing them hurts me.   I talk out of order disturbing the peace of the assembly ...