• Chameleon

    The Chameleon says to her Mom, “I want to be many creatures and do many things, all at once.” Mom tells her she cannot be any more than one creature at a time, and cannot do more than one thing at a time. She has to pick one. But Chameleon can’t. Her mind travels fast ...
  • clouds and sunbeams

    Hana first saw the Ghost on Tuesday, after the rain slowed. The weak morning sun broke through the silver and lilac streaks of clouds, turning the sky and earth soft oranges and vibrant yellows. The grass sparkled, the river flowing past nearly white as Hana pressed her nose against the chill glass and peered outside. ...
  • woman watching the ocean

    I love to be rightwhen it bringsclarity.I feel giddy with wisdom. I hate to be rightwhen it highlights signs of separation and magnifies heartache.Then I feel frozenwatching you shivering. Feeling right,I could do withoutsince it’s not a feeling but a state of mind,And what if I’m not?
  • Books for reading

    Ivy Three grows up in a five-thousand-person space station called The Exodus. The ship orbits two hundred and fifty-four miles above planet Earth. It’s a safe space, providing a stable life, a place full of windows where electric trains run, crops sprout from well-organized fields, and workers walk in lines like ants in a colony. Ivy sleeps ...
  • whale in the ocean

    I’m an animal person, so any story involving animals is bound to get at my emotions. Recently, I came across a Facebook post about “the loneliest whale,” which broke my heart. So, of course, I had to research this poor creature. According to the Facebook post, this particular whale calls out at a different frequency ...
  • haunted mansion

    Halloween is fast approaching, and I am anticipating enjoying all that comes with it. Cool, crisp days. Leaves splashed with orange, red, and yellow colors—bonfires, pumpkins, roasting marshmallows, and Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes. Okay, maybe not the burst of color in leaves as I live in the desert. I will enjoy the cooler temps and ...
  • flowers on fence

    A man comes homefrom the outside world. He beams at his wife, and his heart glowsHis family is the reason for his struggle throughout the day,The reflection of his achievements is ingrained in his family He doesn’t need his wife to whisper words of love,even though they sound pleasantHis wife is his pleasureHe doesn’t need ...
  • Dog covering face

    Everyone has a week where things didn’t exactly go as planned. This can be extremely frustrating for any number of reasons. Last week, I planned to finish a book that I was given to beta read, and I couldn’t touch it at all because I was so tired. This week I’m making good progress, and ...
  • train tracks

    R felt the blood on his face as the train horn roared over his head. The shock from the fall lingered in his feet and ankles as he tumbled down the grassy hill and into the woods, the brush scraping his limbs. His heart slammed against his chest. Even as the sound of the horn ...
  • Yellow flowers

    Cool air from the fan caresses my cheek,thin nostrils suck the draftand repel itas an afterthought.Hurried fingertips play the keyboard,and curious eyes follow the characters on the screen. After a while,Rosy lips curl in a smile –A poem is born. Can you hear its pulse?