• Leaves in a circle

    Shivering Leaves, forced by the power of the wind, form a circle. Threatened, the need for circle time has never been greater; the need to look into each other’s eyes has not been more real. Holding hands, this empowering moment will last through their lifetimes.
  • Hand reaching out of water signalling for help

    While I enjoyed a lifestyle thirty years in the making, my kids’ generation seemed to be opting out of life rather than realizing their own dreams. Three young men known within my family’s circle chose suicide over existence. Why?
  • Blooming rose

    Blooming, my dear child flower, as you go into the world, allow me to tell you there will be days you will feel loved by every leaf. Each leaf will come to assist you in your growth, and you will feel as if you’re on top of the world. But there will also be days ...
  • Dripping sunlight

    The radiance on his face shows all. His folded hands say all. He won all negotiations with the One. While alive, he meditated and repeated His name ad nauseam. He entered the One’s universe on his own terms. He merged with One, for the world to see. The world he leaves behind still does not ...
  • Shimmering water

    Rising, clinging to the sea wall Mammoth Barnacle has been stepping up to see One’s light. Deep down below in the sea of seas, tiny jellyfish Pinks has the same idea. She stretches her tentacles, touches one of the steps of Mammoth. Mammoth’s nerves send a current down Pinks’ arm-like tentacles. Pinks retreats. Thinking of ...

    She gave her birth, breathed life into her. Fed, caressed, soothed, punished. Comforted again. She got her to believe in all things unreal or what seemed real. But today, child’s grown enough to be self-reliant. She needs no womb, no feeds, nor caresses. Her own strength guides her, and she forms her own beliefs. Mother ...
  • The Rising Sun

    The Sun promises to brighten every day Yet, not all parts. If you chose its shadow, darkness may envelop you. So rise, and see the light.
  • long grain rice called basmati rice

    Two women share the same space. One young, the other old. One from this generation. One from another. Bowl of uncooked long grain rice in bride’s supple hands, Mom-in-law stands behind blossoming spotless shoulders, to inspect the rise of rice. Rubbing starch off rice with benign fingers, she plays, admiring her youthful face rising to ...
  • Houses of neighbors

    Those were the days when neighbors took pride in knowing each other by first and last names Kids, pets included. O, those were the days… Those were the days when neighbors exchanged tomatoes, potatoes, and onions Milk included. O, those were the days… Those were the days when neighbors drove their cars, trucks, and trolleys ...
  • Monarch Butterfly Draws Nectar

    We were young, still in our cocoons when we first met. Flora morphed into a beautiful butterfly, sooner than me. Her wings—the colors of fire, lit the sky. Her flutter stirred many, to reach and pocket her. But free minded, she held her own, unwilling to be caught.   With a grand vision to travel ...