• stress dragon orange with bulging eyes and tongue sticking out

    That burning pile Of papers Was supposed to Have gone out by now, right? Oh gods, Maybe I needed those. Too late. The fire’s still raging Strong as ever, But no coffee is Strong enough To keep my eyelids Open While I scratch away At my keyboard, Online bills demanding My passwords Which have all ...
  • an image of a green dragon serpent made of mosaic stones with sharp teeth

    Shedding scales And gnawing claws: A toothy yawn, In a late-night glow– I’ll never get it all done! Why, oh why Did I wait so long? Let it grow and grow– This hoard of to-dos And TBRs– Unread texts And emails, Lost to the ages– If I sleep, I’ll lose the gold And if I ...
  • golden dragon

    “I know what must happen, sir.” Orion’s kiss and fierce look cut the rest of her words off. “None of that ‘Sir’ business. I’m Orion to you. You’re my mate, my equal. Do you understand?” His words were punctuated by him positioning himself at her entrance and burying himself deep with one solid thrust. Nia ...
  • golden dragon.

    How does someone explain to the world that they never expected to change it? That they had only hoped to find the missing part of themselves? Yet, here they stood with the world as they knew it over and gone. From the moment that young Caleb had arrived on Sunset Island, he had known the ...
  • black, white, shipwreck, sand, disaster

    There was a saying about being in the wrong place at the wrong time. What about being in the wrong place at the right time? One thing young Adelaide did know is that life was full of mystery and one rarely had all the answers. She would not fool herself into thinking life was anything ...
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    “Wake up everyone! Report to the ceremony hall immediately.” The voice that reverberated into every home and room across the island was crisp and stern. It was a voice of someone that you did not want to mess with. Then again, given what day it was it was no surprise that everyone was woken up ...
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    Some people find it rather ironic how one event can change the course of an entire world. All it takes at times is one singular event to create a shockwave that can reverberate for generations to come. Five hundred years ago, the dragon shifters had one family that ruled the land. This family, born pure ...