• An old abandoned farmhouse in the woods

    The Old Woman ran her fingertips over the dead leaves, then clenched her hand into a fist, and clawed at the drooped plants. Water dripped out of the hose on the dry ground beside her. A strong breeze rustled from beyond the garden fence. They stood in the distance. Without her glasses, they were blurry ...
  • moon and cloudy night sky

    I am lying on the bedcovers, my white dressing gown glowing in the moonlight spilling from the open window. A slight breeze swirls the curtains and a chill runs down my spine. My chest rises and falls as if I had just run across the lawn of Longbourn. A few moments of silence pass when ...
  • lit candle in a dark room

    Gentle breathing fills the room, with Jane already falling asleep a few hours ago. I, on the other hand am so restless that sleeping feels like an impossibility. My mind whirls with thoughts of Mr. Darcy, of all people. It’s been several weeks since our encounter, yet the image of him is fresh. Part of ...
  • woman standing in front of window

    I sit on the divan next to the picture window and stare down the front gravel drive. I’m not quite sure why I continue to do this every day. Each morning, mama voices her concern over our situation and how the entailment is no issue if I secure an engagement with him. Every time I ...
  • milky way galaxy

    They say that space is the final frontier, but are they right? Sure, Adventures await in the universe’s vastness, but is it worth it? Packing what little items you have into a case and stepping aboard the unyielding metal box that is the spaceship. It is knowing that no matter what, the risk you take ...
  • table with plates of food

    I enter the restaurant and admire the fish tank in the front foyer. The colorful koi dance in the water and I watch them as I wait for the waitress to seat me.  “This way, please.”  She leads me to a spot in a corner hidden from the view of the other patrons. “Thank you,” ...
  • cup of coffee and flowers on sheets

    I’m lying on my bed, blankets surrounding me, with the curtains shut. The will to rise is nil. I have no desire to dress and eat breakfast. The computer across the room stares at me, its black screen an ominous reminder of the work I have to do. I’m so tired.  The annoying tone of ...
  • drive thru sign

    I’m sitting in my car, twiddling my thumbs as I watch the numbers on the dash change—1:58 PM.  Okay, time to walk in.  Grimacing at the bullshit that awaits inside, I pull myself out and slam the door. Several pigeons picking at scraps from the ground flew into the air, the noise startling them. The ...
  • Building with windows

    The sick slips into everything. Doctors distribute masks. The children must be protected. A large collection of families relocate to their country estates. Water and medicine are in greater demand than ever. Eloise’s mother works nights and mornings, all day. Every patient must be helped, and every child is kept in a safe place. Ambulances ...
  • Jasmine Flower

    The scent of jasmine swept in with the night breeze and teased him with memories of the woman he loved. He was much younger back then. Dillon loved to party, and he and his close friends lived in the darkness. They traveled from one social gathering to another, only to collapse in exhaustion when daylight ...