• drive thru sign

    I’m sitting in my car, twiddling my thumbs as I watch the numbers on the dash change—1:58 PM.  Okay, time to walk in.  Grimacing at the bullshit that awaits inside, I pull myself out and slam the door. Several pigeons picking at scraps from the ground flew into the air, the noise startling them. The ...
  • old shack in the forest

    Content Warning: Drug Use “Alright, so we agree that there’s more shit goin’ on than meets the eye on this plane of existence,” Tim said before he took another drag of the joint and passed it over to Declan. The two friends sprawled comfortably on the floor of the old farmhouse shack they’d laid claim ...
  • Building with windows

    The sick slips into everything. Doctors distribute masks. The children must be protected. A large collection of families relocate to their country estates. Water and medicine are in greater demand than ever. Eloise’s mother works nights and mornings, all day. Every patient must be helped, and every child is kept in a safe place. Ambulances ...
  • Jasmine Flower

    The scent of jasmine swept in with the night breeze and teased him with memories of the woman he loved. He was much younger back then. Dillon loved to party, and he and his close friends lived in the darkness. They traveled from one social gathering to another, only to collapse in exhaustion when daylight ...
  • Books for reading

    Ivy Three grows up in a five-thousand-person space station called The Exodus. The ship orbits two hundred and fifty-four miles above planet Earth. It’s a safe space, providing a stable life, a place full of windows where electric trains run, crops sprout from well-organized fields, and workers walk in lines like ants in a colony. Ivy sleeps ...
  • Front door to home

    It sat on a lot. On a concrete foundation poured years and years ago, mazes of cement like outlines for a future. Stakes of iron held it together, and puzzles of timber erected a roof. Windowpanes witnessed Christmas mornings, marine-layered springs, fairy summers, and crisp falls. This grand model wore stains from nail polish and ...
  • Day at the beach

    Crystalline currents pirouette feet from sand glossed with sea foam. Waves roll with eternal dedication, a lifetime commitment to shoreline glazing. In their deep mineral burrows, crabs dimple the sand with each swell of retreat. Porous cliffs stand tall against winds. Squalls. Time. They cast dawn shadows and bask in evening gold. Plants succulent with ...
  • An hour glass to indicate the passing of time.

    The world stands still. Always for a moment. Father Time reckons with mortality. Cries for reform echo across Mother Earth, words like ripples matured into swells. A wave of change comes swooshing. Rolling in like the heat of tide. A wash of the old for golden grains of new. Promise on the horizon. Hope is ...
  • Broken glass

    I’m always stopping short, butting against the glass. I know if I made a fist, a proper fist, and swing, I could shatter it. But every time, I only end up with my fingers leaving prints and streaks as I watch, afraid to be seen. It’s only my careful reflection that needs to be known. ...
  • grandfather clock

    The potbellied case had a glass door and the brass pendulum was visible as it swung, keeping constant rhythmic time. Roman numerals and hands of shining brass graced the face of the clock. Standing at almost eight feet tall, Evelyn stepped back to view the delicate carvings of leaves across the top.