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    Trust blessed mewith unbearable lonelinessas you loved awaymy self-esteemreplacing it with fear and doubt Your love gifted mewith shattered confidenceplacing no valueon my presenceshowing no appreciationfor my time I cannot love you anymorefor my beautiful hearthas been shatteredYet-this broken heartStill beats Photo by Hernan Pauccara from Pexels
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    The woman you seek Shall be yours In this game You insist on playing   She will lay by Your side With a bitterness In her mouth You cannot tame   Hatred will grow By the sound Of your name For you will betray her And cause her shame   Your eyes look Upon her ...
  • COVID-19, coronavirus

    COVID-19 has changed our world in scary ways. But no one can protect you better than yourself, and knowledge is the best way to do that. Here are the current facts and recommendations that will help keep you safe. CURRENT STATE OF THE WORLD At the end of May, the world moved toward business as ...
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    To experience true growth Feels like your body Is too small for your soul It has nowhere to go So it must adapt But it hurts to do so   What do you do When you want to Make a lasting change Forming new habits Is no easy task It doesn’t happen in a day ...
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    If this doesn’t prove that I am a pushover when it comes to Hannah and CJ, I don’t know what will. All Hannah did was ask if I would write a special article about her for her 17th birthday. Based on this article, I’m sure you can guess who won that conversation. Hannah turned 17 ...
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    “Possible risk of death.” What do you mean, a possible risk of death? Sure, are you kidding? That toxic haze I feel As if it’s already over. Sometimes I think that, l have been dead for years. Will today be the day, My heart stops beating? If I leave my mother behind, Will she be ...
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       A black hat,  concealing  a skull Yellowed with passage of time Inside Rest,  eyes, ocean blue beautiful specs of greens like a forest in rainy season An empty room,  TV on high, I can’t  silence your voice, beautiful, Charming,  dismal full of love. black fabric faded,  caressing the floor, you smell,   Comforting  of ...