• tearful soul

    Thirty days and thirty nightscan never be enoughto get over you. The light you broughtinto my life is nowa distant memory. Every time I close my eyesI envision the happinessI thought I brought you. You disappeared into the coldwinter night, leaving meto the unforgiving wilderness. Abandoned by you, I try to livefighting my demons andblack, ...
  • Sour Candy

    I’m a sour patch kid.First sour, then sweet,dancing on taste budsuntil I’m gone. I can be innocent.A slice of heavento make all your dreamscome true. Or I can be cruel.Your match made in hell,a perfect storm wrappedin a tantalizing package. A temptress full of desirebeyond imagination.A heartbreaker to leave you cold and empty. “It’s not ...
  • Rain-streakedwindow

    All I want to do is sleepThen wake up and facethe outside world. For if I give intothis tug-of-war,and face the dawn? I may as well be oneof the walking dead,no mind or soul attached. I cling to each memorypossible of you, as ifthat will save me. I grip and pull the blanketover my head, ...
  • Fairytale forest setting

    Nothing is what it appears,A fact consecratedIn my mind. I desire to believeIn fairytales andHidden worlds. Be it not for the lessonFollowing each mortal man,In the crushing black of life: Not every heartacheIs meant to be fixedWith a wave of magic wands. Or tucked away into closetsHiding from ghostsAnd monsters buried within. “Life is not ...
  • Other mother

    Are you my other mother?Among the manyHeavensent for fatherTo feel whole again? The fire rages onIn his soul,In spite of hisLonely heart. I am my father’sDaughter, aSpitting imageWithin his pride. Born small and meek,Now strong and brave,Among the savannahPlains of the wild. A concrete jungle,Caged soulsFollowing myFather’s footsteps. A lone lionDesiring love,In a game whereWinner ...
  • 620

    Trust blessed mewith unbearable lonelinessas you loved awaymy self-esteemreplacing it with fear and doubt Your love gifted mewith shattered confidenceplacing no valueon my presenceshowing no appreciationfor my time I cannot love you anymorefor my beautiful hearthas been shatteredYet-this broken heartStill beats Photo by Hernan Pauccara from Pexels
  • 894

    Penned by: sylstein & Calpernia Charles We met in the summerour love like no otheryou were like no oneI had ever meteverything felt familiarbut not everything was right Ugliness hidbehind your smilesempty looks blazinghurt in your eyesbroken promisesnow the reasonfor lost lovethis summer season I had becomeblind for your loveand overtime itbecame cleareryou weren’t the ...
  • pink broken heart

    If love isn’t enough, what is? Why can’t love be enough, just for once? I wish it were worth it. People always say action over words. Sometimes words are all you have. They’re all I have. I’m better at typing, with writing. I can think before I say what it is I want to say. ...
  • 1746

    “Why be that upset? It isn’t as if he’s died.” “It sucks, but you deserve to be happy.” “Get over it and move on.” Losing someone you care about is quite possibly the hardest thing we experience as humans. It can be made even harder when that loss is felt not by death but by ...
  • 1544

    My wish for you was nothing more than happiness. I thought I could bring it to you. I was wrong. I broke you time and time again. If anything, my wish would be to turn back time. I would explain things better. I would let you know the truth about everything in my life. There ...