• TheThree Kids: Jason Kelly Brian

    In the meantime, ensconced in North Dakota, Johnny, and Rita are content. Establishing a routine in their new home takes a while. Johnny is enthusiastic about exploring engineering schools to commence his research. Employed at a junior level, he is eager to move up the ladder. Advanced learning, higher salary, and decision-making power are his ...
  • Biography-of-my- amazing-mother-in-law

    Mildred looks up from her reminiscing and her martini – it is almost all gone. It’s been a lingering and fascinating afternoon. We have lost all track of time. The sun is dipping behind the tobogganing hill, its rays slanting into the sunroom. Jason comes downstairs to remind us he is starving.  We are all ...
  • Late 1950s picture of John&Rita from personal album

    When Johnny turns sixteen, he and grandpa go car shopping. They are searching for a used one, but it is exciting nonetheless. Johnny sees a set of hot wheels out of grandpa’s price range. He falls in love and pleads to make up the difference by working longer hours at the garage. Grandpa gives in, ...
  • A confused individual

    February 1, 2023 at 9 a.m. “Where is my wife Stacey?” asks John. Answer: “Stacey is out shopping. You are spending the day with us.” John: “Oh! Okay then. Where can I park myself?” Answer: “Right here on this chair. We will be starting a fun program singing patriotic songs.” John: “Oh! Okay.” 10:00 a.m. ...
  • pink flower

    I look at the doorYou’re not there. I stare at the couch,You’re not there. Closing my eyeslistening to my heartbeat,I find yousoothing,reassuring. There’s no need to ask,When are you coming back?    
  • Gene & Millie at the White Swan

    Mildred is enjoying her newfound freedom after her divorce from Ray. She hits the dating scene and immediately falls in love again. The tall, handsome Gene Gephardt is amiable and ambitious. He dreams of building an upscale nightclub and restaurant on the outskirts of Granite City. The location? Not too far from St. Louis but ...
  • Island Castle

    Nia’s cab stops at a dead end, where a sidewalk to the left leads to the castle. After getting her bags from the trunk and seat, Nia thanks the driver, who tips his hat and drives off. Nia starts walking towards the castle underneath a canopy of palm trees and twittering birds. Nia takes no ...
  • los angeles

    A poem about my hometown of Monrovia, California.
  • A luminous moon

    Missing you, like a bee and her hiveLike the sun with no skyMissing you, like the moon of last nightLike a light with no sightBetween the rain and the painBetween my veins and the chainsBetween the waterfall and the pondBetween my heart and the beyondMissing you, like a swallow with no breezeLike a whale with ...
  • Millie in her early twenties

    Going to church every Sunday is another ritual Little Johnny enjoys. Grandpa and grandma are not regular church-goers. So, the neighbors offer to take Little Johnny to church with them every Sunday. The music and singing of hymns and songs enthrall Little Johnny. The two churches at the end of the street sit across from ...