• Rakhi celebration in Hamilton

    The visit to Ottawa ended. Nothing had been resolved. It was clear Sudhir needed to continue under supervised care, and he was sick of it. As he put it, I am wasting here. Returning to the airport, I stopped to say goodbye. I walked upstairs to check out his room. We uttered words of getting ...
  • Her art and craft work on display

    Do not worry, dearBecause of youEvery new dayEthereally illuminatesYour enchanting artworkThat hangs proudly on every wallEvery nostalgic talismanA mirror image, of your brave soulThere, for me to emulate and stay strong Do not worry, dearBecause of youMy enthusiasm for lifeShall continue to thriveYou taught me the benevolenceOf ExistenceAnd you showed me how to live graciouslyWith your everlasting ...
  • Jason & Kris enjoying Dad's new hammock

    Even though Millie has ceased to be a daily presence, her passing leaves a painful emptiness. John and I feel the absence of her voice, wit, and her “good morning” to the cat, Toot. I puzzle over her occasional “Guess what baby boy did today” is doing cart-wheels in my head. Like a jigsaw puzzle, ...
  • The Lodwig Gravestone

    Previously, I had stated, “And thus ended the year 1991 Anno Domini.” Not entirely, though! The year 1991 is also the year Millie leaves us. Millie and John have a minor argument, and invariably, it gets blown out of proportion. Things are tense for a few days, and Millie needs a break. Two of her ...
  • Thanksgiving Day with my granddaughter and nephew coloring at the table

    November was sunny, yet chilly. The unmistakable scent of Thanksgiving wafted through Aunt Vickie’s home. As soon as one walked through the door, the fresh scent of welcome and hospitality met you. A few things had changed over the years, and yet they held an air of unfamiliarity since this was the first Thanksgiving done ...
  • Brian & Monica -1991

    Brian is a student at Macomb, juggling school, relationships, and business ventures. His only real friend and constant companion is Stinger, the orange tabby with thumbs. The extra toes on each paw are his crowning glory, despite being at the paw end. When Brian visits home, Stinger is with him. The cats, Toot and Stinger, ...
  • After an Argument

    Random Checking John and I are flying to Canada. We landed at the Montreal Dorval airport. As passengers disembark the plane, an airport official approaches and asks me to leave the crowd. To the officer’s surprise, John steps out along with me. They also asked another gentleman in the group to step aside. We are ...
  • ghost girl sitting in front of headstone

    I walk out of the gym alone into the blinding sunlight. I raise my arms to shield my face when the red glow of my hand catches my attention. Twisting my palm over, I look up at the sun through my fingers. Funny how your hand looks almost translucent when you hold it up to ...
  • Jamuna Dai's great grandsons, Fateh and Subir (my nephews), at our first meeting ever.

    “Good grades lead to scholarships for higher education. A meaningful degree leads to well-paying jobs with opportunities to advance.” This message is drummed incessantly by Grandfather. His children picked up the refrain and beat it into their children (i.e., my generation). We continued the tradition. After their mother’s passing, grandfather demanded all his children finish ...
  • birthday cake with pink and white icing and gold glitter topper with forty in front of pink and red balloons in background

    You are forty now, and maybe you don’t feel it. Haven’t had the time for your age to sink into your bones. Forty. You still feel thirty-nine, Sometimes eighty, Those days you try to do it all. Be everything for everyone at all times. Just remember: two more years and you’ll find the meaning of ...