• silhouette of person flying a kite

    Although our home is small, the rooms are sizable and airy, with twelve-foot ceilings. Clerestory windows above doors increase natural light and air circulation. A long open south-facing verandah runs the entire width of the building. Sudhir and I spend most of our mornings and evenings here in the open. Another staircase leads to an ...
  • Beloved in night comforts

    I have given Did I ever give enough? Was there any more to give?  I received  Every gilded ounce Were her frayed fragments Ever enough What is enough? What is fair? What is the difference? Between giving And caring 
  • silhouette of person flying a kite

    “But, Mummy, the old man says this is the strongest maanjha (kite-flying twine).” Mummy smiles at seven-year-old Sudhir’s words and shakes her head. Then with a frown, she repeats, “No, it is not. This is kacha dhaga (raggedy weak thread) quite useless. You better go return it.” And hands the spool back to Sudhir, who ...
  • A buffalo being manually milked

    Some mornings I wake up to a parade of memories—whiffs and tastes of childhood emerge from a dream and linger on vividly and wistfully. Moments ago, not quite awake, I savor the rich, warm buffalo milk in the kitchen of my early years. Then, in a flash, I am back in Mummy’s kitchen of long ...
  • Looking at sky, and dreaming

    Have I reached the summit? Of my Mt Kosciusko Is it time to retire? To the valley below Mt Beauty Or will I remain here? Within the shadows of our You Yangs  My mind is tired And these old bones Are pointing down I wake up with a frown Like I am wearing King Charles’ heavy crown   Ironically, the day after my finest hour I ...
  • Hope Lake Lodge

    Being adopted has given me a feeling of being from two different worlds. I describe it as ‘nature and nurture.’ As I matured into understanding my adoption, I wondered about my traits, mannerisms, and thoughts. I needed to assign ‘nature or nurture’ for each behavior or tendency and ask myself if this comes from biology ...
  • Old River

    Where to start?When there is no beginningThe judges guns remain loadedBut there is no-one on the causeway Why is the coldest mountainIn the middle of the desert?How to climb the lowest alps?Below the deepest oceanHow to soar and fly?Without wings in a vacant skyCan the old river be paddled?After the bath runs dry Where to ...
  • Scene from the "Milni" Ceremony": Stand-in Brothers of Bride and Groom

    There is a strained quietness about the house. Mummy is terribly upset! Rita abandoned her Graduate Program at the University of Delhi after one semester and has returned to Bangalore. Too homesick! However, at Ravi’s encouragement, she has been applying to Canadian Universities. Her rationale is Ravi and Amita will be there, so I won’t ...
  • A Scary looking Gecko

    My brother swings open his office door, and a gecko scurries along. They trade looks. Briefcase slides off his sweaty palms, and he sits at the edge of the chair. What if she jumps on to me? What if she hangs from the ceiling to fall into my lap? I still remember that lizard. I ...
  • old car

    danger thrives in all of usfeeding on our very desireresistance is futiledeath is inevitable rainbows show us the wayour dreams collide when we waketime is our only frienddays go by life fades in and outour emotions make us hollow and numbchances are better left untakenfear our only ally days go byas we drift through timetaking ...