• Isolated stony road with trees on either side as a person in the distance.

    The silence was so profound that every step we took echoed. This was why, despite being strangers, Adrianne and I stuck together as long as possible. We were part of the same dance troupe, and with the Soca monarch competition looming, we spent the majority of our time rehearsing. Nevertheless, my opinion of her didn’t ...
  • moon and cloudy night sky

    I am lying on the bedcovers, my white dressing gown glowing in the moonlight spilling from the open window. A slight breeze swirls the curtains and a chill runs down my spine. My chest rises and falls as if I had just run across the lawn of Longbourn. A few moments of silence pass when ...
  • Storm clouds, dirt road

    Paige stood in the middle of the long dirt road with her backside toward her grandparent’s farm. She crossed her arms and gazed upward to observe the darkening mass hovering overhead. Trepidation filled her. Storm clouds had formed a menacing hand with extended fingers that threatened to swoop down and grab ahold of her small, ...
  • 1118

    Sleep was the enemy. The dreams had started again. No. Scratch that. They were nightmares. I couldn’t break free of them, and I couldn’t make them stop. Every single one began the same way. I was back in Vegas and I was back in that room. I couldn’t see them, but I could hear the ...
  • Little girl in a fire

    The story of Kassandra stirred in my head since 1989. Now, thanks to school, I will complete my first novel of the series in 2020 with an expected release date around Halloween of the same year. Below is a rough chapter draft from my book, Hell’s Half Acre. Would love your advice/ideas on any improvements ...
  • Stone tunnel, dim lighting

    Maddie, a horror novelist, wakes and rolls to her side. She burrows under the purple, quilted comforter, not yet ready to begin her day — a floorboard creaks. The sound of deep, raspy breathing inside her bedroom startles her. Maddie’s eyes fly open, and her stomach sinks as she catches sight of a man at ...
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    It was a beautiful fall day–cool temperature with a slight breeze that played with your hair. Lots and lots of sun. A perfect day. A day Amber King normally would be singing some sappy song while doing her errands. Not today. Any other day she would be standing in line at Starbucks for her favorite ...