• woman blowing snow

    The holidays are busy for everyone. It’s a flurry of presents, loved ones, and memories. Honestly, after all the celebrations, I’m lost on how to move forward every year. Goal setting is helpful, but routines are difficult to keep. The first few weeks are good, and then life has other plans. Here are a few ...
  • Light peeking through the clouds

    November was busy for me. I had an amazing trip with my best friend, filled out many job applications, and attempted to write 50,000 words. Normally, I would be discouraged if I didn’t accomplish my goal. However, I wrote and acted in a 24-hour play festival. It was equal parts fun and stressful. I’ve always ...
  • girl looking at rose

    I’ve long been disappointed with the lack of diverse characters in popular fiction today. My current work in progress is an attempt to shrink the gap. However, yesterday I almost stopped. My current project is an interracial fantasy romance. My female main character is Afro-Latina, and her love interest is Asian. Oppression is seen as ...
  • Girl jumping mountains

    It’s that time of year again. The leaves change color, people wear more layers of clothing, and they consider it socially acceptable to drink hot chocolate. It’s November, which means it’s time for National Novel Writing Month or NanoWrimo.  The goal is to write at least 50,000 words during the month of November.  Technically, you ...
  • A wall of platinum and gold records.

    A core memory for most millennial fantasy readers is going to the midnight movie releases of Harry Potter. Parents who didn’t want to leave their kids unattended at midnight were gracious enough to go acquire the book from Walmart or Target. Midnight movie releases involve teenagers who are dressed as characters and accompanied by their ...
  • A heart made of books

    We live in a culture where we want everything. We used to be socially conscious. That’s understandable. No one wants to support brands which are outwardly cruel brands to different population segments. Sounds simple, right? If something you use comes out with some adverse views, you just stop using that product, right? There are other ...
  • silhouette of person flying a kite

    “But, Mummy, the old man says this is the strongest maanjha (kite-flying twine).” Mummy smiles at seven-year-old Sudhir’s words and shakes her head. Then with a frown, she repeats, “No, it is not. This is kacha dhaga (raggedy weak thread) quite useless. You better go return it.” And hands the spool back to Sudhir, who ...
  • Mother and Daughter

    All packed in the car for a visit to a family friend. I have come along for the ride—no school today.   Tenth-grade finals are looming, but the teenage me feels a little overwhelmed and needs a break. Even though I am stuck in the middle, wedged between Mrs. Bajaj and Mummy, I am enjoying the ...
  • summer nights with mother and child

    Summer nights of yore in a sparsely crowded Delhi, dhurries on rustic charpoys layered with cool white sheets, stars pricking in a darkening blue sky, Sudhir and I ready for our bedtime ritual with Daddy – an enduring childhood memory of growing up in Delhi! Delhi summers, unlike the winters, require a rare mindset to ...
  • 745

    Winter is the time of year that brings the birds together, making for the perfect backyard theater. We can fill the feeder on Monday, and by Thursday, it is nearly empty. The sheer number of birds that we feed is astounding. They come in hordes throughout the day. The tufted titmice and chickadees generally take ...